“Zeus the son of Cronos made yet another, the fourth, upon the fruitful earth, which was nobler and more righteous, a god-like race of hero-men who are called demi-gods, the race before our own, throughout the boundless earth.”
-Hesiod, Works and Days

Welcome, travellers! You look weary, have a seat. I must say, even an experienced messenger such as myself is glad to be inside lately. It used to be a simple thing to stay out doors, but now it seems colder, and I’d almost swear the light doesn’t travel as far as it used to.

Have you any interesting stories? I must say, the tales I’ve heard lately have been fascinating. Giant winged creatures roam the Wildlands, sha have been spotted in the deserts of the halflings, and rumors abound of the sound of barking in the north, with no possible source. Yes, it is a strange time we live in. I’m trying to get my rest in now, as I know I’ll be called upon soon.

Halcyon, The Golden Age

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