Summoning, The Seven Heavens

Lindal bowed his head, preparing his energy for the powerful spell he was readying. Filling his head with what he hoped was an appropriate image of Venya, the gentle, snowy tier of the Seven Heavens, he sent a politely worded request to the archons native to the plane, and opened a glowing portal.

The elven mage was at first so awestruck by the soft snowfall and beautiful hills of the plane before him, that he didn’t immediately notice the figure now standing next to him. As soon as he did, he was amazed that he’d overlooked it, and very, very glad that he’d been polite. Standing at least eight feet in height, the armored figure was solid and hulking. While humanoid in shape, his head was that of a white bear, with fierce black eyes. Those eyes seemed to stare through Lindal as a voice in his head boomed out.

“What do you request of me?” After his shock had worn off, and his awe lessened somewhat, he recognized that he had ended up with a warden archon, the gatekeepers of the plane.

“Please, good archon, I ask that you help me. My friends and I are trying to keep an item from an evil group, who could use it to cause great destruction. We were hoping that you would keep it for us. It is one of many, and we hope to scatter them through the planes.”

“Your friends are not here? Why is that, mage?” The voice once again rang in Lindal’s head.

“Well,” Lindal said, trying to be diplomatic, "they aren’t good at being . . . "

“Mannerly?” said the archon with a deep chuckle.

Lindal joined him in his laugh. “Exactly.”

Summoning, The Seven Heavens

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