Return to the Divine

He sat before the altar, his head bowed, deep in thought. His hand absently stroked the white fur of his familiar, and the fox laid her head on his knee. Much had been weighing on his mind lately, and he had hoped that here, at least, he would find some peace. Grateful though he was for his recent arcane power, with the loss of his divine spells, he felt as though a piece of him was missing. Even his silver hair, a sign of being the Chosen of the Light, was no more.

As he gazed at the statue before him, he thought back on the religious booklet he had found, hinting at divine power through the arcane. It had several spells that he would possess if he were still channeling the goddess. Suddenly, a white glow shot out from the wizard, covering an area around him. Lucia lifted her head, looking around in curiosity. The temple’s priestess came running, her curly red hair trailing behind her. She stopped abruptly, looking at him in surprise.

“Lindal, was that you? I . . . I thought you couldn’t cast divine spells anymore.”

Lindal Kinneas stood up, bringing Lucia with him. In the silver pieces on the altar next to him, streaks of platinum glinted in his blonde hair. He gave a rakish smile.

“Well, Hitomi, it looks like I’m back now.”


Return to the Divine

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