Mage Council

The elven kingdom of Hellade is a magocracy, made of nine of the greatest, and more importantly most respected, of the elven land’s mages. There is no discrimination based on the source of magic in the ruling body, known as the mage council, though it is most common for arcane mages who learn their spells to become members. This is not, however, a rule, as those with innate ability, and even the occasional exceptionally wise divine mage has made his way into the group.

The headquarters of the mage council is located in Arconnesus, in a beautiful marble building spanning the Salmacis River. Nearby are the barracks and main buildings for the mage guard, the specially trained warriors originally created to protect the members of the council.

The current council is made up of five men and four women, although the recent death of Rodas Zale has left an opening within its ranks. Below is the most recent listing of the mage council:

  • Dinindal Aldarion-(m)noble wizard, considered the most approachable member of the council
  • Rodas Zale-(m)recently assassinated liaison with the mage guard
  • Adrastos Makis-(m) the youngest member of the council
  • Neiander Hondros-(m) was instrumental in the battle of Areopagus, now consults with the mage guard wizards on magical battle tactics
  • Alcibiades Cleiniou Scambonides-(m)final member of a great line of famous orators and mages
  • Fotini Haidee-(f) the only member of the council who is Chosen of the Light, Fotini has been gathering information on this phenomenon
  • Zinaida Makris-(f) considered by many to be the most purely powerful of the mage council, it is rumored that Zinaida is descended from a god
  • Sophronia Xanthis-(f) though a powerful sorceress and excellent tactician, Sophronia is best known for her great beauty
  • Canace Ioannou-(f) this wizard is known for her impressive knack for travel spells, which the council uses to their advantage

Mage Council

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