Luthwaire is the kingdom located in the Northwestern portion of Halcyon. It consists of three islands, and the portion of the mainland bordered by the Ruad and Nidavellir mountain ranges. The main island of Forradh is largest of the three and the location of the capital, Lyn Cerrig, and Temair na Ri. To the north, the Isle of Danaan is a prized part of the kingdom, though it is unihabited by humans. Instead, a mass of fey inhabit the island, and it is said that the Tuatha themselves, a bright race blessed with beauty and magic, live there. Also part of the kingdom, though its own separate culture and religion, is the Isle of Spira.

Religion of Luthwaire

Culture of Luthwaire

A Brief History of Luthwaire

The Fomorian Wars


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