Meili's Guide to Tourism among the Svartalfr

So, you’ve decided to travel amongst the beautiful and treacherous lands of Svartalfheim. Hmm, not very bright, are you? Still, at least you’re smart enough to have purchased this guide, so that’s something. I’ve done a great deal of traveling amongst the svartalfr, and I’ve found that the best way to survive a trip amonst the svartalfr is to be one. This is the number one tip that I can give you: Be born a dark elf.

My guess is that you’ve already failed this, and are in the position of being colnbluth, or an outsider. This puts you in a terrible position, but with this guide, a short trip may be survivable. Best of luck!

Disclaimer: This author cannot be held responsible for death or torture that results from interaction with the svartalfr.

—Exerpt from the introduction to Meili’s Guide to Tourism among the Svartalfr

Meili's Guide to Tourism among the Svartalfr

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