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  • Tawantinsuyu, At Last

    Players discuss Tawantinsuyu, Xochicalco Sell items and buy items. Players decided to: Each keep one stone, 3 celestials, Khenemet, Seti, Kiya, one in the Sebennytos, one to Se-isi to send to Alexis, give one to Ladon Will arrive at Xochicalco …

  • Game Calendar

    In order to keep more immersive notes, the months used when giving the date will be from the in-game calendar. For ease of continuity, characters of different races will still refer to a standard calendar, and as most of the characters in our party are …

  • Action Points

    All players can earn action points, awarded by the dungeon master for good roleplaying, combat abilities, and extra work towards character building. These points can be used in multiple ways. You can [[action points spent|spend one action point]] to …

  • action points spent

    [[Return of Rodas|Theoxenios 29]] on July 05, 2009 Ariel spent two action points to reroll the race roll of Eileithyia's reincarnation spell for [[Rodas Zale]]. However, the second roll was for a dwarf, so she stayed with her original roll of human. …

  • God Entry

    !{float:right}god symbol image small enough to fit above line, or hit enter until appropriate! 
    --- _Common epithets_
    *Cleric Alignments:*
    * …

  • Flying Mounts

    In the setting of Halcyon, only the richest can afford a flying mount. It must be noted that a person with a flying mount is noticed everywhere they go, with the exception of [[Lagina]]. Lagina is likewise the best place to purchase a flying mount, as …