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    [[Kingdoms of Halcyon]]-Halcyon is the location of several kingdoms. Many of the intelligent races have formed kingdoms of their own, in many types of terrain: in scorching deserts, lush forests, high mountain jungles, and deep beneath the ground. Only …

  • Kingdoms of Halcyon

    h1. Kingdoms of Halcyon [[Hellade|Hellade, The Elven Lands]] [[Arconnesus]] [[Tegea]] [[Tawantinsuyu|Tawantinsuyu, Land of the Gnomes]] [[Luthwaire|Luthwaire, The Human Lands]] [[Spira|Spira, Isle of Light]]
    [[Temair na Ri]] [[The …

  • Stories of Halcyon

    h3=. Stories featured in [[Fall and Rise of a Mage]] p=. [[Market Day]] p=. [[Report]] p=. [[A Long Conversation]] p=. [[Date Night]] p=. [[Inquest in the South]] p=. [[Destination]]

  • Trouble in Elos

    Featured Stories: p=. [[Return to the Divine]]
    p=. [[The Nymph Investigates]]
    p=. [[Dangerous Beauty]]
    p=. [[Twisted Lovers]] p=. [[The Bargain]] p=. [[The Master's Orders]] p=. [[Home Again]]