Halcyon, The Golden Age

Adventures Past: Prologue
On the history of the Adventuring Party

Keegan and Lindal Kinneas travel across the Wildlands to the Elven lands. They there meet Reti.

Areopagus: The PC’s (at the time, Lindal, Keegan, and Reti, ) hear of an elven noble to the north, Leonidas, who is looking for aid in finding his daughter, Mestra. People in the vicinity of the town of Pleuron had been disappearing prior to this, and his daughter disappeared a couple of days ago, and search parties were unable to find her. The PC’s travel to Pleuron, then north with the aid of a local warrior. They discover that the ruins of the city of Areopagus (devoted to the CE god Ares) has been resurrected by yuan-ti who are continuing the god’s worship. They defeat the yuan-ti, then flee town back to Pleuron with Mestra, getting gratitude and a reward from Leonidas.

After travel, they spend some time in the in the Elven lands visiting Content Not Found: Dinindal_, now with Clay’s character? Consequently, they are there when Dinindal, (Lindal’s father) is approached by the halfling raised (but human) monk Content Not Found: Kiya_. She is requesting aid be sent with her to Kemet, where her mentor and head cleric of the church of Thoth, Content Not Found: Anseth has disappeared. As the priest was also a mentor and friend to Reti, the PC’s go to Kemet, specifically the capital city of Men Nefer. En route, they find a party of adventurers frozen by a medusa, and arrange for their return to flesh.

Men Nefer: The PC’s must unravel a plot to keep the young pharaoh as a puppet to the king’s counselor, Content Not Found: Inyotef_. After discovering the necessary clues, the pc’s halt the plan, tangling with Inyotef, and a number of Minions of Set, encountering Content Not Found: Khenemet_, the greater mummy father of Reti. After the return to Men Nefer, they reunite Inyotef and Kiya, and briefly return to their inn. There, they check on the party they helped, (who were on their way to Tawantinsuyu for a wedding) and pick up three new members: Content Not Found: Khelamun_ (an npc barbarian) and _Content Not Found: Sirius and Content Not Found: Skyler. Skyler has recently had troubling dreams that indicate that if she doesn’t find her mother-who abandoned her-then it will be too late. Lindal recommends a trip to visit his mother and see if she can help. Khelamun dies during travel.

Spira and the northern circle: The party (Lindal, Sirius, Skyler, Keegan) travels with Lindal to visit with his mother. They then go to the human lands to the north, Cruachon to investigate people whose hair has been turning black, and whispers of a newly risen cult of an evil goddess, later determined to be the dark goddess. On arriving in Cruachon, they discover the likelihood of the people planning something big. Meanwhile, they meet up with Content Not Found: Maikash, an old paladin friend of Lindal’s, whose hair and armor are now black. She helps them find the evil cult, located on a formerly unknown island to the south. Once on the island, they discover that: Mai is in fact a member of the cult; the cult intends to release the dark goddess; they intend to do it by sacrificing 100 Chosen of the Light (this is where they learn of the Chosen as well) through deadly fire in a wicker goddess, and Mai intends for Skyler and Lindal to be the final two. The pc’s manage to avoid the ambush she sets up, and eventually overcome zombies to kill Mai, rescue the chosen, and in an amazing shot through the head, kill the mysterious woman who appears to be in charge. Skyler discovers that her mother was in the wicker goddess, and they reconnect. They discuss her mother’s past, including her time spent with the organization of the Blinding Star (a good aligned organization of adventurer types).

The Brood Monkeys: After a return to Cruachon, the PC’s (now with mysterious pc Content Not Found: Merdor_) travel to the north, where the twin of Keegan, rogue _Content Not Found: Saiorse, has disappeared. The pcs are captured by odd, de-evolved men, and brought to their lair. They there receive a great deal of coddling, especially Keegan, who bears an eerie resemblance to the long ago adventurer who put them in the cave they inhabit. Upon awakening, the group discovers that Keegan is gone. The pc’s eventually discover that the creatures were once human, but quite evil, and worshippers of death and blood. The adventurer Olin led others to trap the evil tribe deep below the earth. Here, they de-evolved (with the exception of a few vampires) and eventually found their way back to the surface. The main core of the people were now peaceful, but the heads of the tribe and vampires still worshipped their bloody god. After meeting Saoirse, trapped in a cage below, waiting to be a meal or sacrifice, the party searches an underground complex of rooms composed of bloodstone. There they defeat the vampire and his spawn, and find Keegan, bringing him to the surface with them. After returning to the surface, the pc’s return to Cruachon.

Cruachon: The pc’s spend some down time in Cruachon. Keegan departs to the north to spend more time with Saoirse and his other sister, and his nephew. The other pcs remain. They are approached by Content Not Found: Enodia (a very young elven wizard f) who has recently been attacked by mysterious figures after she acquired the Lysippos Travelogue for her guild. There is another attack in the inn of Cruachon, where a young maid is killed in Enodia’s room. The party agrees to escort her to Lagina, the wizarding center of the elven world, and the place where she resides. Along the way, the group is attacked by an odd group, likely the mysterious robed figures which had been following her. They are all killed in the battle, but when searched, each of them has an odd, distinctive black kukri. The remaining journey to Lagina is reasonably uneventful, with one exception. Lindal begins having an odd vision while in trance, and appears to be attempting to write something. When finally able to write it out, it turns out to be in a type of writing and language indecipherable by his bracers of reading and comprehending languages.

Lagina: In Lagina, the pcs (Lindal, Skyler, Sirius, and Merdor) are given honorary memberships to the Gilded Tome, the wizards’ guild to which Enodia is a member. They also purchase flying mounts. An elderly, odd member of the guild [[:Vasilis the Mad]] who was long a plane traveler told them that the language is the common planar language, and that what he had written was the word “Zaoth”. After more research, they discovered that the husband of the Gilded Tome’s leader Content Not Found: Berenice had left long ago in search of this place, a great planar library. Through talks with Berenice, the pc’s discover that recently, her daughter Hecale has also left on the same quest, and has not yet returned. They then set off in search of Tuireadh in the human lands, where the letter written from Demetrius (Berenice’s husband) would have led Hecale.

Tuireadh: In Tuireadh, the pc’s meet Content Not Found: Rurik_, a dwarven fighter who is in a bar brawl. He joins the pc’s, and they search out the last known whereabouts of Hecale. They are directed to _Content Not Found: Hrolfr, the dwarven guide who brought her father to a cave to the north, though he refused to take Hecale. Directions lead to a chain of caves in the north, where the pc’s find a number of branching paths: one that howls with wind, a cold, blocked path, and a path that seems to lead to the abyss. At the end is a deep pool, beneath which lies the entrance to Zaoth.

Zaoth: The pc’s find that Demetrius has become the head librarian of Zaoth, and that Hecale is still there as well. They spend a great deal of time with members of the Brekyirihunuade, an elven looking race with blue skin. The Brekyirihunuade focus on collecting and preserve knowledge, regardless of its source and subject. After much time learning, each of them gains skills in their attempts to better themselves. They then are given the path out, with a warning that the returning portal moves about the land.

Glittertind and journey to Tuireadh: The pc’s pop out in the middle of a snow covered glacier. They discover a hole in the ice, and are led downward to the city of Glittertind. They are about a week away from Tuireadh. They rest in the town for a while, and Lindal realizes that he can no longer cast divine spells. Lindal meditates, and has a dream that takes him to Selene, the lowest level of The Seven Heavens. He then has Skyler join him in the dream, along with Merdor (as both have been mentioned by Althena,) and she speaks with them as well. Soon after, they complete the travel underground. After arrival at Tuireadh, they pay up any debts incurred, and Rurik purchases a giant owl.

Journey to Lagina: The travel to Lagina passes by reasonably quickly, with only an encounter with a flying, dinosaur like creature, and a quick chat with two gold dragons, apparently children. The PC’s then arrive in Lagina.

Lagina: After arriving in Lagina, the PC’s secure some rooms in the local inn, the Silver Cat. After a visit to Berenice, who seems sad but also oddly relieved at the news of her husband and daughter, Lindal returns to the inn, where he talks with Daphne, the innkeeper about any interesting local news. He discovers that a member of the mage guard, the branch of the military charged with protecting the council and visiting government officials, has been looking for the heir of a noble house. This intrigues Merdor, who is in fact a member of the nobility, and he and Lindal go in search of the guard. The guard himself, Meltios, is unavailable, but they learn that he is looking for the Karteros heir, which is in fact Merdor himself. They determine that Meltios will be available to talk with tomorrow, and return to the inn. Sirius, meanwhile, spends his time visiting with Vasilis the Mad, at the Gilded Tome.

Lagina and the Wildlands: The pc’s return the next day and speak with Meltios. He has been asked to inform the Karteros heir (Merdor) that he has been asked to see the king of the human lands. The adventurers gather supplies, then set out. Skylar has been having odd dreams, where she joins a pack of large silver, grey and white telepathic wolves running through a blue lit forest. She finds herself chasing a white hart with them. As they outpace her, she begins to run on all fours. When she catches the doe, it asks her if she accepts her gift. She agrees, and comes out of her trance only to realize she is now a white-silver moon dog. She realizes that she will now turn into a moon dog on the three nights of the full moon. A couple of nights later, they are attacked by two blight wolves. After defeating them, Lindal finds a prayer pamphlet that he is fascinated by.

Brycheiniog: The party arrives in Brycheiniog where Alaric, the half orc head guard has them peace bonded for entrance to the royal estate. They are escorted to the Blue Room, where they greet Merdor’s family.

Brycheiniog: After introducing everyone to his family, the king of the human lands, Dungarth Ruad comes to speak with the Glimstors. He explains that when Merdor’s father (Mildas) was killed protecting his father in El Qa-ab, Mildas’s armor and weapons were stolen. Dungarth has tracked the items and has sent a group to retrieve the items. Skylar has spent some time alone in the forest, considering the changes in her life. Lindal has decided to check out the library in search of more information about the author of his prayer pamphlet. He doesn’t find much the first day. Everyone but Skylar goes to the local tavern, the Royal Hound, and meets the aasimar innkeeper Gyrah. They speak with him about celestials, and Lindal asks him about the prayer pamphlet.

The next day, Lindal returns to the library (with Rurik and Sirius) and tries to find more information. Unfortunately, he offends one of the librarians so badly that he is banned from the library. Merdor chats with his family most of the day, then talks with Alaric for a little while. Skylar continues her time in the woods. Lindal speaks with Rhiannon Ruad, sister to the king, and asks to be allowed back into the library. She allows him back into the library once the librarians have left. That evening, Lindal goes to the Royal Hound to see if Gyrah has more information about the prayer pamphlet he has. Gyrah recalls that the sorceror that he traveled with as part of the Blinding Star gained some sort of divine arcane spells, and one of them used as a verbal component the celestial words on one of the pages. At the library that night, Merdor and Lindal fight a small section in one of the books about Elven theological history that tells about Onesimos, the author of the pamphlet was a sorcerer who gained celestial power.
On the third day, Aman, the bardic member arrives at Brycheiniog. He tells of the fate of the rest of his party on the trip back from El Qa-ab. A few days into travel, while with a caravan in the desert, their sorcerer is found with a slit throat. Then, as they entered the mountains, they were ambushed by a group wearing dark, hooded cloaks. The rest of the party was killed, and Aman injured. The items they carried were stolen, although Aman was able to use a Locate Object spell to track them to a town near the mountains. Meanwhile, Rurik talks with Gyrah about his celestial great-great-grandmother , who was a trumpet archon. Lindal finds Skylar in the woods, and tries to talk to her about her current confusion. The party decides to go in search of the items.

Anr Ma’at: The party flies over the mountains and a day’s flight into the desert, arriving at the town of Anr Ma’at, built and occupied by the Anpuret, the jackal-like Chosen of Anubis. There they speak with Sia, the innkeeper, who explains that the last group who traveled through their town was suspicious, a group wearing dark hooded cloaks. They didn’t sell anything to the weapon smith, and left town going south. The only thing to the south is the ruins of the necropolis Marrax. The party decides to travel to Marrax, and sets out on foot due south. They are attacked by a hungry criosphinx on the second day of travel, who is defeated by the battle prowess of the party, including an impressive strike by Sirius. Toward evening, Sirius, flying overhead on his broom, spies a humanoid figure on the horizon, moving very slowly.

Marrax: The shambling figure turns out to be one of two mummies guarding the entrance to the sand-sunken complex of Marrax. Skyler turns the mummies, the power of Artemis turning them to dust. As they move through the tomb complex of Marrax, they encounter several traps, including a flame strike trap. Later, as they investigate a pile of coins in a curved room in Marrax, Lindal is the victim of a Symbol of Pain. As they are discussing the Symbol, several of the group hears the sound of people attempting to sneak up on the group. There are two figures, a halfling female wrapped in silk, and an armored human male. Merdor kills the halfling with an arrow through her throat, and the group defeats the human. They continue down a hall lined with portrayal of the twelve hours of the afterlife, then find themselves in the storage room for the pharoah’s barges. As they enter the room, a hazy figure rises from the rubble of a barge, heading for the pc’s.

The PC’s defeat the elemental remains of what was once a golem. They then find a secret door leading to a lower level. The first room that they enter is long, and lined with columns. At the end is an odd darkness. From within the darkness, a number of figures attack the PC’s, and are defeated with some difficulty. After exploring several hallways, including one that dead ends in a collapsed roof filled with sand, the PC’s are in a room where they are attacked by several mummies. After this battle, the PC’s find another secret door leading to a room filled with weapon racks. Also in the room is a menacing figure, a desiccated humanoid figure with a dark black torso, which resembles armor of some kind. His thin body and tan skin are worn and shredded. After fierce conflict, they defeat the creature, who turns to sand before them. After some investigation, they locate Mildas Glimstor’s items.

Trouble in Elos-It Begins
The party discovers trouble and meets a new friend.

Return to the Divine

Theoxenios 21st

As Lindal, Skyler, Rurik, Sirius, and Merdor flew over the Great Forest of Hellade en route to visit Skyler’s friends in Tawantinsuyu, they found themselves in the midst of a great fey swarm. Red, blue, green, and purple, the tiny flying creatures glowed with all of the colors of the rainbow, mesmerizing several party members and their mounts. Merdor and his mount plummeted, as did Sirius, and Lindal’s hippogriff. Lindal simply floated to the ground, and the others followed them down. Once on the ground, they attempted to take stock, only to be hit with another of the Forest’s dangers: the fierce battlebriar.

Whispers of the Abyss
The party finds signs of evil deep within Elos

The Nymph Investigates

Theoxenios 21st

As the party inspected the shimmerling’s abandoned nest, they noticed soft footsteps. From beside them, they heard a soft voice say, “They’re not coming back.” Next to them was perhaps the most beautiful woman they’d ever seen. Her flaxen hair drifted softly in the light breeze, drawing attention to her delicate elven ears. Her green eyes nearly glowed with health, and her flawless skin was lightly tanned. She wore a diaphanous white gown, and a delicate gold pendant in the shape of a unicorn. At her heels hopped a tiny rabbit.

The party looked on in shock, but Eilethyia recognized the woman as being Ilima of the Great Forest, a nymph living in the area, with her friend, Malani the rabbit.

Dark Reflections
Encounters with the twisted guardians of Elos

Dangerous Beauty

Dusk, Theoxenios 21st

As they slowly trudged through the waters of the bogs, the group spotted a creature moving toward them. It bore a definite resemblance to a unicorn, but no unicorn ever looked like this. Its coat was a dull red, and its glowing eyes burned with hate. Great bat wings edged with talons sprouted from its flanks, and its horn was an angry striped red, capped with a black tip. The characters quickly hid in the murky water.

Fiendish Beauty
A dangerous encounter with a mesmerizing nymph

Midday, Theoxenios 22nd

The beautiful fiend before the party stared sharply at each of them in turn. Those enslaved by her beauty saw only a loving, warm look. Those of the group not under her spell saw the warm mask, with calculation in her eyes and a smile that looked a touch too wide. Sharp canines glinted white.

“My, how handsome you are! And you ladies, so pretty! We will become very good friends, this I know,” she said. Her voice was low, sensual, very fitting of the impression given by her scantily clad body. The elves surrounding her moved enough to protect her from any attacks. Rurik, Merdor, Sirius, and Syurai joined her and her entourage on the island in the swamp.

The Beginning of the Descent
The characters discover the entrance to the hidden complex

Twisted Lovers

Midday, Theoxenios 22nd

The party had many questions for the elves who were enslaved by the abyssal nymph. When asked how long they had been under her control, it was discovered that Nils and Achates were the newest additions, having been there for only a day. Xanthus, a wood elf who lived in the forest itself, had been under her spell for four days. Philemon and Iskander had survived five sickening days, each making them weaker than before. Philemon and Iskander were both en route to their home of Epidaurus when the woman, apparently called Azr’kauai, gained their interest. Nils and Achates were native to the area, hailing from nearby Tegea.

Azr’kauai hadn’t supplied them with very much information, although she often left at night to visit with her father.

A Time for Carnage
An encounter with the mage's minions

The Bargain

Early Evening, Theoxenios 22nd

The small antechamber the characters were in appeared to be an alchemical lab of some sort. The smell of several substances were foul to the extreme. As they attempted to move stealthily through the hall, Eileithyia moved too quickly, and her feet made a loud scraping noise on the grey brick of the floor. Skyler, still in her moon dog form, smelled three sources of a sulphuric odor moving rapidly towards the group.

Before them appeared a broad-shouldered creature with overlong arms that ended in massively oversized, clawed hands. Its red, meaty looking skin stretched on its grotesquely muscled body. Rushing forward, uttering an unintelligible battle cry, it was followed by similar creatures, seemingly drawing strength from their proximity to one another. They moved forward, filling the five foot wide hallway.

The Past Catches Up
A mysterious figure from the past is revealed

The Master’s Orders

Early Evening, Theoxenios 22nd

Rurik moved quickly, attacking the closest demon. The figure at the top of the stairs motioned, and a wall of deadly, barbed chains, which hit Rurik, who managed to dodge many of the spikes. Lindal was able to figure out what the spell was, determining that it would attack anyone nearby. Several of the demons summoned reinforcements, other creatures that lumbered into view ready to attack. Several attacked Rurik, who was closest to their place of origin, taking up positions on either side of him. Lindal attempted to hit Narkissos Kaychimei with a beam of painful light, but his shot went wide, disappearing into the roiling darkness of the portal. Eileithyia removed the magic forming the chain wall, then quick as thought morphed into a fierce bear. Merdor leapt onto the broad back of Syurai, who carried him up onto the balcony. Unfortunately, the motion caused Merdor to drop his sword. Sirius took three shots in rapid succession, killing one of the dretches. Skyler let out a celestial infused bay, frightening the Abyssal-born creatures.

Exploration - The Sorceror's Lair
The party searches the mage's lair for clues

Lindal quickly made a sketch of the glyph on the floor. It was a strange glyph, unknown to everyone, although some had the vague idea that it was an ancient dwarven rune, something having to do with religion.

The room off of the balcony contained a bed with a small chest at the end, and a number of bookcases. Merdor picked the lock on the chest, revealing a number of potions, very likely the mage’s healing kit. Pressed into the bottom of the items is an imprint, reminiscent of chaotic, swirling darkness. The group determined that they would try checking with an apothecary to see if he recognizes the symbol as a maker’s mark. Lindal and Skyler recommend Calvius the sage, in Arconnesus. He was well known in the city, and they had gotten along with him quite well.

Included among the mundane books here were several of interest. prison area with dead creatures, pieces of people missing

After much contemplation, Sirius revealed that he wanted to stay in Tegea. There, he could help out the village and protect the Great Forest in Eileithyia’s absence.

Trouble in Elos - Concluded?
As one adventure ends, some loose ends need to be investigated

Home Again

The group left the underground area, after Eileithyia softened the stone walls of the cave, which caused a cave in at the end of the water-filled tunnel. Skyler then cast a fire spell to turn the sand into glass, sealing the area.

After several hours of walking, the wall came into sight. Ilima of the Great Forest was there with the party’s mounts, and asked about their success. They explained that things went relatively well. They’d found the source of the abyssal seepage, but were able only to seal it off, not necessarily close it. They told her about he elf they’d seen, marked with evil, and ask for her help in containing the area. She agreed to do her best, and took to Eileithyia’s suggestion to ask Ladon, a local forest guardian, for aid.

Sirius, who’d decided to stay behind, would try to talk to the area’s treants about the past
happenings. Had dwarves settled here? Had they been brought as slaves, or was this a settlement? When was the building last occupied? Who built it? Why? When? Were there more buildings? And had it always been part of the forest?

They went to the nearby village of Tegea, a beautiful place of flowering trees in shades of red, blue, and purple. Eileithyia led them to the dwellings of the elders, a female and two males, one of whom, Silenus, had the same bone structure and eyes as Eileithyia. After telling them about what had occurred, they agreed to do their best to contain the portal. They admitted bafflement, however, when shown the odd symbol carved into the underground building’s floor.


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