Halcyon, The Golden Age

Treasure of the Dragon

Now comes the end times.
Harp inscription, bracers have trouble reading it

Money and art: 182706gp, each 60902gp

Everything else: 291, 628gp 3 sp

Diogenes kept the Ring of Invisibility
Lindal kept the Tome of Clear Thought +4

Gjallarbru was built in a cave, the ceiling of which is covered in mica, so the rare times that it is hit with bright lights, it glitters like gold.

Tawantinsuyu, At Last
The adventurers follow a lead to Tawantinsuyu

Players discuss Tawantinsuyu, Xochicalco

Sell items and buy items.

Players decided to: Each keep one stone, 3 celestials, Khenemet, Seti, Kiya, one in the Sebennytos, one to Se-isi to send to Alexis, give one to Ladon

Will arrive at Xochicalco next session.

The Final Mummiform gods
A swarm of mummies attack!

Lindal lies on the floor, bleeding profusely. A worried Diogenes takes a cautious step towards him and cures him as best he can. Rurick moves behind a mummy, and watching him carefully, attacks him with his urgrosh. The mummy recovers quickly from the wound, and clumsily attacks Rurick, missing him. Several of the other mummies attack Rurick and Diogenes, receiving only wounds for their trouble.

Lindal lays there for a moment, recovering from his near death. Diogenes repeatedly hits one of the mummies with his flame wreathed longsword, defeating it. Rurick finishes off the mummy that he’d been fighting with, and uses his momentum to attack another nearby mummy. Lindal, over his momentary disorientation, gets up and reactivates the powerful holy light that formerly surrounded him, causing several mummies to flinch in pain. The mummies miss their targets in their mad shuffle.

Lindal’s divine light continues to damage the nearby mummies, and the wizard also summons a powerful ball of lightning which crisps up one of the mummies. Diogenes swings his magical sword again, decapitate a nearby mummy in a series of blows. Rurick pauses, waiting for a strategic advantage, which he receives when several mummies move in to attack. After one of the mummies deals such a strong hit on Lindal that he is knocked unconscious, Rurick attacks and kills the mummy attacking the mage, and then attacks another on several backswings.

Lindal lays wounded on the ground, and Diogenes again takes a step to heal his friend with a wand of healing. Rurick wades into a group of mummies, and kills one mummy and injures another. His ability to pay attention in battle standing him in good stead, Rurick takes a swing at an unwary mummy, though he is hit once in return.

Lindal heals himself further, and Diogenes slashes at another mummy. Rurick becomes a whirl of axe and spear blade, killing three mummies in quick succession, then stepping between two others. Diogenes takes advantage of a mummy’s movement to hit him, while he and Rurick take damage in return.

Lindal continues to bolster himself with healing, while Diogenes deals several quick blows on a mummy, killing it, before stepping slightly to hit another. Rurick dispatches another mummy, though he is clearly tiring. Several mummies move in closer, one landing a hit on Rurick.

Lindal again heals himself, and Diogenes quickly kills the mummy he is engaged with, moving on to hurt another. Rurick deals the final hit to the mummy that Diogenes had just attacked, whirls to hit another, and then yet another upon killing the first two. The remaining mummy tries to recover, but misses Rurick.

Rurick deals the final necessary hits to the last mummy, ending the battle.

Preparation for Travel
The group readies themselves for travel to Spira

Heraios 10th

The interrogation of Philomena continues in the questioning room of the mage guard.

Why was Canace’s house chosen for your assignment?
-It is a place where there is a lot of information passing through.
When you speak of the site of the rising water … in what current race’s lands do you mean?
-saves, no answer
How is it that Inyotef is alive?
-He works for a dark god.
Why would Set want to wake Jormungandr?
-No answer, saves
The followers of which other deities are trying to bring about the rise of Jormungandr?
-I know only of Set and the dark goddess.

After the questioning is concluded, the group returned to the house of Dinindal to decide what to do next. In addition to investing in gaining the ability to see false forms (True Seeing), they also intended to find out who hired Philomena, and perhaps figure out if anyone else knew that she was a yuan ti plant.

They would then head up to Spira to see if Lindal’s mother knew any information, now that the dark goddess had been referenced. Also a priority were Hvergilmir and Trondheim, in the dwarven lands, where the group will ask about:

Interrogation Continued
The interrogation of the seemingly elven girl Philomena continues

Heraois 10th

The group continued to question Philomena

Tell us what you know about the appearance of the stones.
-I don’t know much, although I’ve heard they have writing on them.

What kind of writing did you hear that the stones have on them?
-The ancient script of our enemies.
Which enemy are you talking about?
The dwarves.
Where were the previous stones found?
Why does your sect of yuan ti consider the group from Areopagus betrayers?
-They were swayed by their desires for war.
Where is the next closest den of yuan ti?
What are the distinguishing characteristics of Ghiz’kith?
How do you get into the city of Brimir?
When does Archoutas arrive?
-I don’t deal with the business side.
Who deals with the business end of the slave trade?
-I don’t know, that isn’t the information network I’m part of.

What are the aliases of other yuan ti who are disguised in the city?
-I’m not part of that circle, I only know my superior, and they each know theirs.
Who was your superior?
Where is your Asstarot?
-He cycles within Arconnesus, and alerts us where meeting places will be.
What does Asstarot look like?
What was your assignment?
-I was a servant at the house of Canace Ioannou

Interrogating the Elven Girl
A truth potion gives some interesting answers.

Philomena is the girl’s name.

State your full name for the record.
Where were you born?
-Here in Arconnesus
At what point did you become involved with the yuan ti?
-no answer
What was your role while working with the yuan ti?
-I gain information for them
By that, did you mean you were a spy?
-no answer
What kind of information did you obtain for the yuan ti?
-I got the information that they couldn’t get.
What are the latest repercussions from the information that you obtained?
-We learned who had captured one of our assassins.
Why are you working for the yuan ti?
-I’m not working for them, I’m working with them.
Who was Ssaadet’s superior in the yuan ti structure?
-The high priest who channels the Ouroboros.
Where is the high priest who channels the Ouroboros?
-At the site of the rising water, where the stones will unite.

Doesn’t know a geographic place, but there are specific signs of the rise of Jormungandr. The one most specifically for him is that of crashing waves.
-Don’t forget, the group would like to check for signs of waves on the map.

Why are the yuan ti taking the magic users?
-No answer
Why are you working with the yuan ti?
-I am of the yuan ti.
How is it that you are of the yuan ti?
-I was born to them.
Conjecture: Polymorph other or self, maybe permanent
So essentially, you are changing your appearance from yuan ti to be more humanoid, and going to Arconnesus to get more information for your superiors?
Why the silver hair?
-People trust us, they think we are good.
Conjecture: The girl was probably born a pureblood, and chose to polymorph and potentially sacrifice any higher rank.
What happens to the magic users that you capture?
-We send them where they cannot harm us, and we can profit from them.
What knowledge do you need to track the stones?
-No answer
Who do you know that can track the stones?
-Those trained by the high priest.
What is the name of the high priest?


Diogenes yelled racial slurs at the yuan ti from the corner.

“What is your nefarious plan?”
-We will rule after the end, the way that we did before.
“Before what?”
-The end. (Conjecture: many apocalypses have/will occur)
“Is Jormungandr on this plane?”
-He is here, and he waits.
“Waits for what?”
-To rise above the waves and shake the earth
“Who is the girl?”
-The girl is an ally.
“Who’s in charge here?
“Is Ssaadet in the room right now?”
“How much deeper does this lair go?”
-no deeper
“How many more chambers will we have to proceed through before we reach the one where your bosses are?”
-2 or 7
“How many other yuan ti remain?”

“What is on the other side of THAT door.” and points to discovered door
-crits on save
“Where do you keep the captives here?”
“Why are you capturing spellcasters?”
-we are removing obstacles
“obstacles to what?”
-our plan
“How do the silver haired Chosen fit in?”
-I don’t know what you’re talking about
“How do your move your captives out of the city?”
“How are you able to use the shadows to travel?”
-Not all of us can, only some with proper ties and training.
“What do you know of the city of Brimir?”
-I don’t know of the city of Brimir
“Are you being helped by someone in the aristocracy or the mage guard?”
“Are the yuan ti working together with the Violent Dark?”
-we use them as we like

-no, they lack finesse and planning
“what do you do with your captives after you remove them from the city?”
-we do nothing, we care not their final fates
“Was the assassin Iolanthe (description) working on behalf of the Violent Dark or your people?”
-Iolanthe was given the order by the Violent Dark
“We know pureblood and abomination. Tell us about the third kind.”
“How does she (the elf) aid you?”
-she is a mage
“How long have the yuan ti been established in Arconnesus?”
-Since before it was Arconnesus
“How will you release Jormungandr?”
-We will open the stone and light his way
“How do you open the stone?”

“Where is the stone?”
-In pieces
“How many pieces are there?”
-As many as there are pieces of the dead god of our enemies.
(talk of Set and Osiris)
“How are you able to track the pieces of the stone?”
-they have omens that surround them
“Does the ability to use magic allow people to track the omens?”
-not on its own, they must have knowledge as well
“Is the elf someone who tracks the stones?
“How many pieces of the stone have the yuan ti found?”
-I don’t know

Investigation in Arconnesus
Information is gathered in the elven capital.

Heraios 9th, morning

Although he was concerned about whether or not visting with Arminas Culnamowould be awkward now that they were no longer together, Lindal went to her to get an update on what she’d discovered.
He also intended to pose some new areas of research for her:
*What information was available about the origin of elves, and why did they leave the water?
*More investigation was needed into the culture and history of the yuan ti, the shadar kai, and the khayal.
*Age of Ebon needed to be looked into further.
*planar touchstones

At the library,

A day watching an old enemy raises only more questions.

Heraios 8th, morning

Lindal gathered his magic about him, and made himself comfortable for a day of scrying. He’d decided to attempt to scry on Inyotef, whose name had been mentioned on a note recently, despite the fact that Lindal himself had seen him die, and in fact, had contributed to his death. After a time of concentration and chanting, Lindal’s vision of the room he was actually in became hazy, then was replaced by a different place altogether.

Inyotef, looking wan and a bit under the weather, stood in a small room with nondescript sand colored stone walls. Though he radiated a faint aura of illusion magic, he did very little of interest for the first several hours, mainly reading scrolls and large tomes at a large table. After a time, Inyotef looked up and called for his servant Aaheru.

“Aaheru, have we gotten an update?”

Friends of Thy Enemy
Brutal attacks nearly kill the group, but they arise triumphant.

Heraois 7th, midday

Rurick and Merdor decided to go across town to visit with Silious’ mother, Erianthe. They were on a relatively quiet street when arrows rained down on them, striking them both. Looking in the direction the arrows came from, Merdor was quick to see an archer on the neighboring roof, forty feet up. After he pointed it out to Rurick, Merdor attempted to throw a grappling hook to the roof above, but was able to make it only partway up. Rurick, growing impatient with Merdor’s lack of progress, picked him up at the base of his feet, and after bracing him, tossed him upwards with all of his might. Rurick’s effort tossed Merdor easily to the roof above, where he landed flawlessly on his feet next to the ominously hooded archer.

Putting their plan into effect, Lindal, Diogenes, and Syurai stood guard over Eileithyia, disguised as the yuan ti girl in the room at Dinindal’s house. Not long after Rurick and Merdor left, a fireball erupted into the room, dealing damage to everyone, although Syurai and Lindal were able to dodge much of the damage. A snakelike creatures entered the room on the heels of the fireball. Eileithyia cast a spell calling a great pillar of divine flame to hit her enemy, and managed to damage quite badly the serpent tailed woman closest to her. Diogenes sunk an arrow between the serpent’s ribs, causing her to hiss in pain and flick her tail at him, distracting his next shot and causing him to hit Syurai, who crouched low to the ground in pain. Blinded by her pain, the large snake-like woman attempted to swing her scimitar, and not only missed, but dropped her weapon as well. Lindal attempted to deal her a magical blow, but was stopped in his tracks when she bit him, causing him to feel temporarily weak. Still, fighting through the pain, he managed to damage her.

Back on a downtown rooftop, the hooded figure slipped an arrow between Merdor’s ribs, causing him a great deal of pain and damage. Thrown off by the action occurring, his next few shots went wide. Merdor, using his pain to give him strength, rushed at the archer, head down and shoulders braced. Pushing him several paces back, he threw him from the roof, narrowly managing to not follow him down. Rurick ran for the fallen enemy, striking him.

Eileithyia channeled the power of nature, turning into a monstrous snake. Her snapping fangs missed the nearby enemies. Diogenes moved, hitting the snake woman. Dodging Eileithyia’s attempts to bite, the woman struck at Eileithyia with her scimitar. Her blow had barely landed when she hissed, angered by the flames of a sphere sent at her by Lindal.

Astonishingly, the hooded figure, now revealed to be partly snake, stood up after falling several stories from above. Moving quickly on his serpentine tail, he nimbly avoided an attack from Rurick, and retaliated with a fierce blow to Rurick. Merdor took a quick potion to heal the worst of his wounds. Rurick tried to hit the serpent man, but was unable to land a hit.

Eileithyia, still in constrictor form, missed a bite at the woman next to her. Diogenes hit the snake woman with several hits, damaging her greatly. The woman moved and bit Diogenes. Lindal moved his flames, then cast a spell to give him strength and divine luck.

The serpent man dealt several blows to Merdor. Merdor attempted to hit back, but was unable to land a hit. Rurick hit the serpent incredibly hard in the ribs, following it up with a strike to the center of his chest. When pulling his weapon from the man, he slipped and dropped it.

Eileithyia bit the serpent woman, who passed out from the pain. The group then tied her up, and pricked her with the sleep arrow to ensure she remained out. The plan was then to search the body, and remove Iolanthe’s body from the haversack.

The snake hit Rurick with several blows in quick succession. Merdor somersaulted off the roof, landed on his feet with only a minimum of damage. Rurick picked up his weapon, and dealt a blow to the throat of the man, killing him almost instantly. His axe was still embedded in the body when several members fo the mage guard ran up to investigate.


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