Halcyon, The Golden Age

Sage Advice
The investigation takes the party to talk to the shopkeepers

While Merdor and Rurick went out to have a few drinks, Eileithyia, Skyler, and Lindal went to see Calvius the Sage at his apothecary shop. When they entered the shop, he was helping a customer, a young elf. He soon greeted everyone, and then did his best to charm Eileithyia.

Once he was shown the items that had the group was attempting to identify by the marks on the bottom, he was able to give a bit of information. While he had no record of a maker’s mark that looked like swirling darkness, he thought that he might have seen the dark bolt symbol. It was likely not a marker’s mark, more along the lines of an insignia. He’d seen it recently on a cloaked young man with a thin nose, thin lips, and dark eyes.

Lindal asked if Calvius knew anything about the poison Nadreyrr.

Conversations with the Dead
Some questions are put to the deceased Rodas Zale

Date Night

  • Recent events have raised some questions. Does all of this bad stuff mean an end of ages? Maybe the overlying theme of the bad organization is to turn this to their advantage. Have any other beings of power tried to get onto this plane? And what are the different cultures end of ages stories?*

Rurik caught up further with Idun Gildfrosten, asking her about Nadreyrr. She was able to add very little, only pointing out that if someone were looking for it, they would need some sort of extraplanar poison broker.

The next morning, the group was shown into the ice room with Rodas’ body. After several long minutes of casting by Skyler, warmth flowed in, and his eyes, filmed over by death, slowly opened. As the questions were put to the body, his creaking jaw opened, answering each question.

Investigation in the City
The party looks into the death of Rodas Zale

Inquest in the South

Theoxenios 27th

The party decided to check out the arrow and the body of Rodas Zale first. Lindal’s father agreed to escort everyone to see it, as it was under watch in a barrack of the mage guard. They entered the room, their breath fogging the frosty air. The body of Rodas had been kept under an ice spell while the investigation was undertaken. Eileithyia used her ability to determine information about poison on the arrow. Although she had never before witnessed its use, she realized that it was a legendary dwarven poison known as Nadreyrr, which kills almost immediately. She had heard that poison was supposed to be found only on Niflheim, the second layer of The Grey Wastes, a land of mist and fog. Working hard to remember where she had heard of it, she recalled that it was the name of the poison dripped on Loki in eternal punishment.

Lindal relayed everything that he’d heard about Loki, which was unfortunately very little.

Onward to Arconnesus
The Party heads for the big city


Eileithyia spent much of her time in the city exploring with Merdor.

Content Not Found: Lindal_ spent time catching up with his _Content Not Found: Dinindal, a powerful wizard on the mage council. In addition to catching up on personal news, Lindal made sure to find out all of the goings on in Arconnesus and Hellade in general. The news being talked about throughout the city was the assassination of Rodas Zale, a prominent member of the mage council. Killed the day before in a crowded marketplace, he took a poisoned arrow to the chest. He had been working on something on his own for quite some time now.

Trouble in Elos - Concluded?
As one adventure ends, some loose ends need to be investigated

Home Again

The group left the underground area, after Eileithyia softened the stone walls of the cave, which caused a cave in at the end of the water-filled tunnel. Skyler then cast a fire spell to turn the sand into glass, sealing the area.

After several hours of walking, the wall came into sight. Ilima of the Great Forest was there with the party’s mounts, and asked about their success. They explained that things went relatively well. They’d found the source of the abyssal seepage, but were able only to seal it off, not necessarily close it. They told her about he elf they’d seen, marked with evil, and ask for her help in containing the area. She agreed to do her best, and took to Eileithyia’s suggestion to ask Ladon, a local forest guardian, for aid.

Sirius, who’d decided to stay behind, would try to talk to the area’s treants about the past
happenings. Had dwarves settled here? Had they been brought as slaves, or was this a settlement? When was the building last occupied? Who built it? Why? When? Were there more buildings? And had it always been part of the forest?

They went to the nearby village of Tegea, a beautiful place of flowering trees in shades of red, blue, and purple. Eileithyia led them to the dwellings of the elders, a female and two males, one of whom, Silenus, had the same bone structure and eyes as Eileithyia. After telling them about what had occurred, they agreed to do their best to contain the portal. They admitted bafflement, however, when shown the odd symbol carved into the underground building’s floor.

Exploration - The Sorceror's Lair
The party searches the mage's lair for clues

Lindal quickly made a sketch of the glyph on the floor. It was a strange glyph, unknown to everyone, although some had the vague idea that it was an ancient dwarven rune, something having to do with religion.

The room off of the balcony contained a bed with a small chest at the end, and a number of bookcases. Merdor picked the lock on the chest, revealing a number of potions, very likely the mage’s healing kit. Pressed into the bottom of the items is an imprint, reminiscent of chaotic, swirling darkness. The group determined that they would try checking with an apothecary to see if he recognizes the symbol as a maker’s mark. Lindal and Skyler recommend Calvius the sage, in Arconnesus. He was well known in the city, and they had gotten along with him quite well.

Included among the mundane books here were several of interest. prison area with dead creatures, pieces of people missing

After much contemplation, Sirius revealed that he wanted to stay in Tegea. There, he could help out the village and protect the Great Forest in Eileithyia’s absence.

The Past Catches Up
A mysterious figure from the past is revealed

The Master’s Orders

Early Evening, Theoxenios 22nd

Rurik moved quickly, attacking the closest demon. The figure at the top of the stairs motioned, and a wall of deadly, barbed chains, which hit Rurik, who managed to dodge many of the spikes. Lindal was able to figure out what the spell was, determining that it would attack anyone nearby. Several of the demons summoned reinforcements, other creatures that lumbered into view ready to attack. Several attacked Rurik, who was closest to their place of origin, taking up positions on either side of him. Lindal attempted to hit Narkissos Kaychimei with a beam of painful light, but his shot went wide, disappearing into the roiling darkness of the portal. Eileithyia removed the magic forming the chain wall, then quick as thought morphed into a fierce bear. Merdor leapt onto the broad back of Syurai, who carried him up onto the balcony. Unfortunately, the motion caused Merdor to drop his sword. Sirius took three shots in rapid succession, killing one of the dretches. Skyler let out a celestial infused bay, frightening the Abyssal-born creatures.

A Time for Carnage
An encounter with the mage's minions

The Bargain

Early Evening, Theoxenios 22nd

The small antechamber the characters were in appeared to be an alchemical lab of some sort. The smell of several substances were foul to the extreme. As they attempted to move stealthily through the hall, Eileithyia moved too quickly, and her feet made a loud scraping noise on the grey brick of the floor. Skyler, still in her moon dog form, smelled three sources of a sulphuric odor moving rapidly towards the group.

Before them appeared a broad-shouldered creature with overlong arms that ended in massively oversized, clawed hands. Its red, meaty looking skin stretched on its grotesquely muscled body. Rushing forward, uttering an unintelligible battle cry, it was followed by similar creatures, seemingly drawing strength from their proximity to one another. They moved forward, filling the five foot wide hallway.

The Beginning of the Descent
The characters discover the entrance to the hidden complex

Twisted Lovers

Midday, Theoxenios 22nd

The party had many questions for the elves who were enslaved by the abyssal nymph. When asked how long they had been under her control, it was discovered that Nils and Achates were the newest additions, having been there for only a day. Xanthus, a wood elf who lived in the forest itself, had been under her spell for four days. Philemon and Iskander had survived five sickening days, each making them weaker than before. Philemon and Iskander were both en route to their home of Epidaurus when the woman, apparently called Azr’kauai, gained their interest. Nils and Achates were native to the area, hailing from nearby Tegea.

Azr’kauai hadn’t supplied them with very much information, although she often left at night to visit with her father.

Fiendish Beauty
A dangerous encounter with a mesmerizing nymph

Midday, Theoxenios 22nd

The beautiful fiend before the party stared sharply at each of them in turn. Those enslaved by her beauty saw only a loving, warm look. Those of the group not under her spell saw the warm mask, with calculation in her eyes and a smile that looked a touch too wide. Sharp canines glinted white.

“My, how handsome you are! And you ladies, so pretty! We will become very good friends, this I know,” she said. Her voice was low, sensual, very fitting of the impression given by her scantily clad body. The elves surrounding her moved enough to protect her from any attacks. Rurik, Merdor, Sirius, and Syurai joined her and her entourage on the island in the swamp.


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