Halcyon, The Golden Age

Following the Trail
The group finds a path in the courtyard

The door from the conservatory led to an overgrown courtyard. There were several paths downtrodden into the grass. Lindal found a link, made out of steel. Rurick and the others believed them to be left over from someone who escaped from manacles. Eileithyia turned into a dog to track the path. Roughly ten to twelve people walked over from Hyledd’s estate to the Ungaart house. Only three to four of them travelled consistently back and forth between the two.

In the center of the courtyard was a great stone pavilion. It was deteriorated, still hanging with tattered banners. A quick spell revealed no magic in the pavilion.

A walk over to the towering, roughly hewn dwarven home, leaving them standing before great double doors, which the group entered with caution.

Clearly the showpiece of the house, this large room was decorated in a beautiful, but eclectic version of traditional dwarven. Tall, sturdy columns lined the room, and the center possessed a firepit, ringed by runes.

The Shadows Walk
Trouble in the Estate

Bucatios 3rd, Evening

The group found themselves in a large, bare room. The stark walls had clearly been hit in the past with numerous acid, fire, water, and sonic spells. The group decided to search the room. Soon after entering the room, the group were hit with a number of odd changes. Lindal’s skin became white, with the black splotches of a dairy cow. Eileithyia suddenly fell madly in love with the slightly bovine wizard, while Skyler shrunk to half her height, but doubled in weight. Oddly, while music played seemingly according to Merdor’s actions, he showed no sign of hearing it. Meanwhile, Rurick’s left leg disappeared entirely. Soon after leaving the room, Rurick began causing trouble, tripping Lindal with his currently invisible leg. Only fast talking by Skyler was able to keep them out of a scuffle.

After continuing down the hallway, the party headed toward Hyledd’s conservatory. The smell of rotting vegetation hit them. Many of the items in this room had been practical plants, needing frequent care, which they certainly had not gotten in recent years. The few surviving plants had taken over the area, cracking the glass in several places and covering the benches and potting tables. From the far end of the conservatory came the sound of rustling among the trees.

Where did the Light go? Arrival at the Estate
The heroes find themselves at the estate of the Bringers of Light


Bucatios 3rd, Afternoon

The group approached a tall, lonely looking building of white marble. Lined with stately elven columns, it was now overrun by weeds and growth.

The first large room they entered had a number of low couches, lit only by a few light sources scattered around the edges. The couches were partially rotted, and had clearly been eatedn by creatures during the time that the estate was left empty. On the wall were a number of tapestries, also partially eaten and dusty.

The next room was narrow, and dominated by a massive table, lined with highbacked chairs. At one end, a large mantel was topped with several mementos of travel, including a sandstone statuette of Isis, and a skull of gnomish design, carved of a single chunk of rock crystal.

Off to the Estate
The party encounters trouble on their way to the estate.

Bucatios 3, Morning

Later that morning, the group met Chiara’s husband Rasmus, a broad shouldered behemoth of an elf with golden hair. They talk to him about what happened years ago in Tartarus.

According to what he knew, dark fey arrived from the Plane of Shadow, and tried to make the area like their home. They made the local creatures like theirs during the season that they were here. The Bringers of Light arrived, and closed the portal, and sealed it. Even so, there are probably some of the shadow creatures left in the forest.

Arrival in Rineia
The group reaches the village of Rineia

A Surprising Discovery

Bucatios 2, evening

The group arrived at the local inn, the Inn of Four Winds. Here, they met the inn’s proprietor, a lovely elf with silver hair. She was cleaning near the bar, wearing a spotless pastel blue dress of serviceable cotton. Introducing herself as Chiara, she agreed to talk a bit about the group of adventurers that had settled near Rineia, the Bringers of Light.

Interlude:Leaving Arconnesus-Travel to Rineia
The flight south takes an unfortunate turn.

Theoxenios 31st

The party left Arconnesus on their mounts, after speaking with Arminas about the research she’d done for them.

Bucatios 1st

As the group flew above the forest, they revelled in the emerald and jade below them. It was difficult to keep from taking in the beauty of the forest below, and the Xingu river to the west, glinting despite the overcast day. While soaking up the view, several of the party noticed that they appeared that they were being followed by a certain shade of green, which moved sinuously in the trees below. The deep green was soon discernable as a winged snakelike outline, which resolved itself into the hulking form of a green dragon, which panicked the mounts, as well as Syurai and Merdor into attempting to flee.

Merdor was the first to react, attempting to dive and flee from the dragon. The dragon took advantage of his lack of attention, snapping at him with its massive jaws. Rurik ignored his fleeing mount, forcing it to turn and sending an arrow to the dragon’s underbelly, angering him with the impressive and painful shot. The dragon retaliated with bites and claw slashes to Lindal, Skyler, and Eilethyia. Eilethyia took in the cloudy sky, and called on the elemental force of electricity, preparing to call down lightning . Lindal sent a great ball of force hurtling toward the dragon, in the stress of the moment, missing and hitting Rurik instead with a great blow. Skyler called a great pillar of fire using the power of Artemis, and greatly hurt the dragon.

Plans are made for the future

Market Day

Theoxenios 30th

Rurik and Skyler asked around outside Zeus’s temple to see if anyone nearby had more information about the assassin that Rodas had seen.

Eileithyia turned into an eagle and flew to the rooftop of the Temple of Zeus Xenios. She then turned into a Lagotto, a small dog with a keen sense of smell. On the roof there was the scent of smoke with a hint of sulphur, which had an underlying smell of poison. The party associated this with the Abyssal plane, as they discovered within Elos, the Great Swamp.

  • This brings everyone to wonder if there was a connection with the blood war. The assassin could be tainted by the Abyss, or could actually be Abyssal.
Trip to the Temple of Zeus
The party goes to the Temple of Zeus

Theoxenios 29th


Everyone continued their conversations with Rodas, attempting to glean more information. They were able to get a small amount of clarification on several points of interest.

Content Not Found: Nestor was sent to the south, to an estate that used to have a party of adventurers living there. Located in the small village of Rineia, it had been plagued with stories of ghosts and curses since the odd mass disappearance of the group and their servants twenty-five years ago. Nestor was sent there because it was strongly possible that the people started disappearing from there first.

The homes on the estate were built forty-five years ago. At that time, Rineia was merely a small village along the river. The village grew a bit when the adventurers arrived, as there was a new market for slightly higher end equipment and items. Unfortunately, many of these people left the area after the disappearance, with stories of people who shouldn’t be there talking, and of shadows that moved oddly.

Return of Rodas
Council member Rodas Zale finds himself in a new body, courtesy of the party.

Theoxenios 29th, Midday

Eileithyia spoke with Syurai, who had been circling the city. Although Syurai had been keeping an eye out for anything unusual, nothing had caught his attention. He’d seen only a few, scattered forest dwellers going about their business.

While pondering their options, it occured to Eileithyia that she had the ability to bring back Rodas Zale, though in a different form. Everyone went and spoke to Dinindal and asked him for permission to do this. Dinindal confered with the mage council. After several suspenseful hours, the council agreed to grant permission to Eileithyia to reincarnate Rodas, as long as several mirrors were carried into the room to aid the ability to scry on the process. This would ensure that, while he could no longer be a member of the council, he would at least be able to otherwise retain his identity, if that was what he chose.

An Awkward Investigation
The investigation takes Lindal to a difficult conversation

A Long Conversation

Everyone decided to attempt to gain more information about the stone kukri found on the cloaked figures. While trying to discover any secrets, Lindal exposed the kukri to moon and firelight; sadly nothing of interest occured. Eileithyia cast a spell using the sparkling fire of the fae, but this, too, had no discernible effect. The two gave up, and continued their watch.

Theoxenios 29th, Morning

It was with a bit of anxiety that Lindal went to visit his old friend, Arminas Culnamo. While wary, she was rather gracious when he explained that he needed help with research, and only trusted her to help him find answers. He gave her the names of the books that he’d found and asked her to see if there was a possible connection.

She was able to tell him, however, that the eleventh city of the dwarves was known for craftsman and spies, and specializing in hidden and misleading knowledge.


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