Halcyon, The Golden Age

Dead Men Talk
The group speaks with their attacker posthumously.

Note: the following scene occurred retroactively, at the Nightfall Chasm, in the group’s room, before they returned to the market.

Everyone waits as Skyler prepares to cast a spell allowing her to speak with the svartalfr caster who attacked the group. They put several questions to the corpse:

*Why were you after Silious?
I don’t know Silious.
*How many times have you abducted people before?
Never, we don’t abduct.
*What is the name of the person you work for?
I don’t work for a person, I work for an ideal.
*What is your ideal?
I believe what is dark should stay dark.
*What were you planning on doing in the alleyway?
Snuffing out the offworlders.
*What is your name?
Omareth T’sarran
*What are the names of people who share your ideals?
Tatzee, Nioza, Zindari, Lythrana, Quendar, Vlondril, Z’ress,Lassunda, Sseena, Nssia, Ssamanya

The group then put the body back in their haversack.

New Enemies?
New troubles are encountered on the way to the market

Rurick, Gunnar, and Eileithyia:

Upon searching the bodies of the fallen attackers, they found a number of items. Among them, they found that each of them carried a strange symbol on them. The dark elf had a tattoo of it on his arm, barely discernible against the darkness of his skin. The khayal woman wore it on a pendant around her neck. None among the group had seen the symbol before, and they were quite curious about its origins.

[[:Silious Rowe]]

Lindal, Merdor, and Skyler at the library:

The librarian the group found on duty was not the same one as the day before. This one, a woman, had dusky, indigo skin, with pointy ears and a graceful build. Her form seemed familiar, and eventually they realized that she was a member of the Brekyirihunuade, the race of knowledge keepers who kept watch on the Library Plane of Zaoth. After “Escalus” explains that the friends had been there the day before and spoken to another librarian, they discuss the information gathered.

Arrival in the Plane of Shadow
The group enters the Plane of Shadow

As agreed, the group met Content Not Found: Zarlee at the entrance to the greenhouse.

Lindal told Zarlee what little they’d discoverd about planar touchstones. They then asked to be brought to the Plane of Shadow, where they planned on travelling to the northwest, to the town of Zybalenna, the largest city, and therefore marketplace of the Plane of Shadows.

After leaving the mounts behind in Rineia, the party travelled the necessary one day travel to the portal. As they got closer to the portal, they could see where the Shadow realm was encroaching, causing the surrounding areas to look strange, unnaturally dark.

As they walked, they talked to Zarlee about the plane’s geography. Rurick wanted to know the least travelled portal to the Material Plane, with thoughts on being able to sneak from the plane if needed. Zarlee explained that there were plenty in the town of Zybalenna. When looking for an escape route, the spell shadow walk would also help to enable travel to the Material Plane.

Rurick also asked about the Shadow version of Elivagar, which she described as the realm of the Svartalfar, where there are eleven cities.

The group, especially David, wants to travel to the eleventh city in the Plane of Shadow.

Finally, Zarlee pointed to a dark looking cave, with a strange looking entrance. It was through this cave that entrance could be gained to the Plane of Shadow. Rurick, since he was pretending to be a bodyguard, went first. At the back of the group with Zarlee was Lindal, also posing as a bodyguard.

Upon travel through the portal, a feeling of disorientation hit the group. All but Eileithyia were able to force down the stomach distress caused by passing between planes. She found herself nearly incapacitated until she recovered.

Everyone used their darkvision wands on eeryone but Merdor and Rurick, who already could see. As soon as they regained sight, they found themselves in a sinister, twisted version of the forest. The sounds here were muted, almost suppressed seeming.

Zarlee recommended that they ask for her friend Content Not Found: Azaluen, who worked in the marketplace as a guide, and could be relied upon to not cheat them. They bade her farewell, then set off travelling to the northwest, towards the distant metropolis of Zybalenna.

Interlude: Planning for the Plane of Shadow
Time spent in Arconnesus is used wisely.

The flight to Arconnesus passed quickly, with little of note occurring.

Lindal and Merdor sold several items to the shopkeepers, including a number of gems and pieces of artwork.

Lindal went to the library to talk to Arminas Culnamo, gaining some more information about the beliefs of the dwarves in relation to the end of the world. They also did some research on the Plane of Shadow.

The party’s plan is to pretend to be a merchant party that is interested in buying slaves. The ladies will pretend to be the arm candy of the group leader (Merdor), while Rurick and Lindal will pretend to be bodyguards.

To aid in their plan, the group each bought a wand of disguise , as well as gaining the ability to see in the dark, and to dispel magic.

After a short time of planning and shopping, the group is ready to return to Rineia, and from there, Tartarus and the Plane of Shadow.

Zarlee prompts some planning
Plans are put into action for travel to another plane.

Discussion with Zarlee revealed that she had no desire to go back to the plane of shadows. She was enamored of the lushness and bright colors here, so different from the shades of black, grey, and purple that were all she could see at home. Unfortunately, the curse of her people meant that she had to go back to the plane every several months, or die an agonizing death. In exchange for a solution to this problem, Zarlee agreed to help the party on their mission, though she could only go so far as Tartarus, the nearest portal to shadow.

Lindal, meanwhile, had been preparing a spell which would give him information about the past. He asked the threads of the universe

“Why was the eleventh dwarven city established?” He was given the answer “In the time after the end of the last world, the righteous needed a place to dwell. At the base of the source of Elivagar, this great city was built with the river running through it, protected by the three virtuous dragons.”

This quickly convinced the group that the picture that they’d found in Gunnar’s house was of the eleventh city. Perhaps aAfter the end of the time of the last age, the virtuous were those who survived. They decided to look into the source of the statues.

Note: Plan to go see Ladon about the virtuous dragons.

Battle in the trees
The heroes battle an odd, shadowy figure.

Bucatios 4th

Merdor headed toward the shadowy figure in the trees. Eileithyia cast a spell which made it impossible for animals to perceive her presence. The shadowy figure moved towards them, with Rurick running to catch up. Skyler called the blessings of her goddess upon the party to give
them the edge in battle. Lindal called upon his goddess as well, taking on a celestial aspect. A shadowy, dog-like creature appeared, sneaking in to attack Rurick.

Merdor moved quietly forward, then shot at the strange bear in the forest. It was purple, and covered in tattoo-like swirls. It growled at Merdor when the arrow hit. Eileithyia quickly put a paralysis spell on the bear. As the group moved forward, a dark purple tiger leapt from the trees on to Skyler, swiping at her with a massive paw. Rurick killed the tiger with a massive blow to the head. The mastiff creature bit Skyler, who retaliated with a blow of her own. Lindal then sent orbs of magical energy at the mastiff, finishing it off.

The shadowy figure melted back into the shadows between the trees, foiling Merdor’s attempt to shoot her. Eileithyia moved towards her, arriving in time to see her merge into the tree next to her. Rurick attacked the tree with the axe side of his urgrosh, carving out a massive slice. Skyler got a spell ready, while Lindal prepared to read into the thoughts of the figure.

New Questions Revealed
The exploration continues

The Hunt

Is the Violent Dark an age, or something from a prophecy? Is this figurative? Or literal? Is there more diary, has it been burned?

The next room contained a stained stone table and a large hearth. The furniture within was very clearly intended to be purely utilitarian, and extrememly efficient. This was the kitchen of a house meant to feed a number of people. The room next to it was walled with stone shelves, some of which still contained the faint remains of foodstuff.

The next small room contained a round table, with one chair remaining of what was probably once a set of several. Empty jugs littered the table. It seemed as though the chairs had probably been used in the fire that Rurik had noticed in the great hall fire pit.

Further down the hallway, several doors revealed small bedrooms, each containing a bed and washtable, along with several hooks that likely once held clothing. A quick look at the size of the beds made it clear that the people who slept here were probably dwarves.

As they investigated the upstairs tavern, they spotted a figure moving on the estate. The party slid down the sloping roof of Gunnar’s home, then leapt the remaining ten feet. Skyler stayed behind to cast alarm on the entrance to Gunnar’s home.

Rising before them was a vast dome of vegetation and trees. It was impossible to see in, as vines had begun to cover the area as high as thirty feet into the air. There seemed to be an entrance of sorts, however, framed by a stone archway carved into the design of intertwining trees. As they stepped through, they were hit with the smell of soil and plants, and with a wave of humidity. In the distance was a low thundering noise, and the buzz of insects could be heard from all around.

Further Exploration
The party continues searching The Ungaart Estate

Bucatios 4th

The group found themselves in a large bedroom containing a massive bed, with four columns framing it in rough stone. Several other columns dotted the room, each with a niche carved out to hold thick candles. The remains of tapestries woven with the Ungaart crest hung around the bed, while more patterned tapestries warmed the cold floor. A battered chest and bench lay at the foot of the bed, and shelves were carved out of the wall in an indented area. The rotted remains of clothing could be found there. A quick search of the chest revealed a scrap of paper, and a partially burned map.

The next large room appeared to be a common eating area. The head of a blue dragon was mounted on the wall, staring fiercely down at the tables below. Six simple wooden tables, with pitted, dusty tops, were flanked by numerous benches. Mildewing rushes covered the floor, and several kegs in the corner had been broken at some point in the past.

Stone Friends
A potential new ally is introduced


Rurick hit the one armed golem. Skyler rushed in, apologizing to the golem. Although the one armed statue stopped, the other statue slammed Lindal, hurting him a great deal. Rurick yelled at him to stop, and when prompted by the one armed golem, he specified to stop attacking.

The golem, who introduced himself as Thorrsteinn, revealead that he had been created by Hyledd, to be a friend to Gunnar Ungaart. Referring to Rurick himself as “the Ungaart”, he explained that he knew those of the Ungaart blood. Although he only knew what occurred in this room, he did have a fair amount of knowledge about Gunnar himself. Although he didn’t know the norse glyph that Lindal showed him, he was able to give other information.

On the Dwarven Path
The heroes investigate the Ungart Estate

Clearly the showpiece of the house, this large room was decorated in a beautiful, but eclectic version of traditional dwarven. Tall, sturdy columns lined the room, and the center possessed a firepit, ringed by runes. In an oddly shaped version of Dwarven, the rooms spelled out “Let Muspelheim enter not through this portal.” A quick search revealed the remains from a fire burned sometime in the last month or so.

Footprints marched across the floor. Most of them went towards a room to the north, behind great double doors. The next room that they entered was large, and covered in dust. To one side of the room were a number of partially decayed battle targets, the remainder of their hay filling spilling from gaping holes in the fabric. Scattered across the room were short pillars and boulders, while niches lined the walls.

In one corner lay a forgotten dagger, clogged with dust.


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