Halcyon, The Golden Age

The group proves their worth.

After a visit to the library, the transformed group travels with Marcedin.

Books filled every horizontal surface in the buiding the that Lindal and Maeve entered, disguised as human women. A halfling sits their reading, spectacles on her snub nose and a cuneiform stylus in her messy hair. After finally noticing their arrival, the librarian, Acenath, was incredibly excited to see people in her library.

Acenath allowed them to take Meili’s Guide to Tourism among the Svartalfr.

MetaNote: Maeve and Ll have pearls of speech) MIC 118

The party met Marcedin at the marketplace. He was accompanied by an additional guard, Thaamir el-Farrah, and a shadar kai guide, Jasaar al-Kaba.

MetaNote: Disquise recap
Myantha (LL’s female character warrior)
Binyamin (Vakil’s Khayal character, warrior)
Baelthar (Lindal’s shadar kai mage)
Tall’rene Arken’arn (svartalfr “House of the Mages of Fire” mage)

Myantha stationed “herself” near the guide in the front.
Tall’rene took up her own wagon, accompanied by Baelthar (her assistant)
Benyamin was on a nightmare next to the wagon

On the fourth day as the group measured it, the caravan was ambushed by a band of outlaws, including two illithid, and a number of shadar kai and duergar.

First up, Baelthar casts arc lightning from his place within the wagon.
Next Benyamin picked up one of the outlaws, proceeding to use him to beat another outlaw.
Myantha activated her armor and used her two handed sword to attack, brutalizing her opponent.
Tall’rene put a desultory hand out between the curtains (held back by Baelthar) to cast fire storm, killing several outlaws and badly singeing the lead guard.

After the battle, Myantha walked to the burned guard and apologized while healing him, saying, “I’m sorry for my mistress, she doesn’t care that you exist.”



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