Halcyon, The Golden Age

Arrival in Erelhei-Cinlu

Marcedin comes over and gives them a drink

LL says “Not the worst coffee I’ve ever had.” Not coffee I stand by my statement

Tall’rene takes a sip, then sets her coffee (and cup) on fire

Baelthar just avoids it

Binyamin analyzes it; pours it out (killing plants)

Marcedin says that he goes several times a year to trade; he likes that they don’t care about his orc blood, he’s just a filthy outsider like everyone out

Marcedin has been trading with the Svartalfr for 10 years. He was traveling with someone for a few years; his mentor said the wrong thing, and then he was promoted.

Binyamin asks for advice on the intricacies of being svartalfr; so as to avoid being stabbed in the back; Marcedin laughs, says that’s probably not a worry

Discussion about setting people on fire that time (that first time, no, etc.) Light people on fire like a marshmallow (evenly)

Binyamin asks what to do there; Marcedin suggests the Ghetto of Foreigners
Ll sends away Tall’rene to talk to Marcedin

MetaNote: Binyamin periodically goes behind a tree or something for too long because he was told to pretend to pee

When they arrive at Erelhei-Cinlu the gate is only wide enough for a single wagon to go through (slowly)

Travel through the streets to a mix of races/slaves

el’inssrigg colnbluth-Innkeeper Aeton dark clothing with accents of blue

Plan: tell Anybys that Narkissos is after her and has been seen; offer to meet alone and find out if she is with the Violent Dark; why Narkissos wants her dead

recon on the actual house and look for weak points there

possibly kidnap using magic

find place to meet that is out of the way but gives her no advantage;

Ll and Vakil have hat and ring of disguise; Wand of disguise 4500gp Lindal 52, Maeve has full



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