The Stones of the Serpent

These mysterious stones are being collected by the yuan ti.


Very little is actually know of these stones, most of it gained under truth spells during the interrogation of yuan ti or their allies. The first one questioned, an abomination, said the following (during Questioning):

  • He answered “We will open the stone and light his way” when asked how the yuan ti would raise Jormungandr
  • the stone is in pieces, as many as the dead god of their enemies
  • they can be tracked by omens around them
  • tracking the omens takes both magical ability and knowledge of the omens

During Interrogating the Elven Girl and Interrogation Continued, Philomena reveals:

  • the stones will unite at the site of the rising water
  • only Ghiz’kith the high priest, or someone trained by him, can track them
  • there is writing on them, the ancient script of our enemies (the dwarves)

The Stones of the Serpent

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