One of the shadar kai watchers on the Material Plane


Zarlee has been posted on the Material Plane for 20 years. She is knowledgeable about the surrounding area and creatures, and about the basis of the shadar kai’s plans. She is unaware of what is happening on the Plane of Shadow, but about 25 years ago a representative of the Violent Dark made a pact with the shadar kai, helping them find the slaves, and using the shadar kai to sell them to other planes. Each gets a portion of the profits, and protects the other’s investment, but neither likely trusts the other completely.

Zarlee herself enjoys living on the Material Plane, as she feels that nature here is more vibrant. However, the shadar kai have difficulty living on this plane, and must periodically visit the Plane of Shadow, or perish. She has learned how to turn flora and fauna shadow, and is currently trying to turn them permanently, in hopes that this will be the answer to staying here.

The party has agreed to attempt to find a way for her to safely stay in Halcyon, in exchange for the help she has given them in finding Content Not Found: Nestor, Anastrianna Liadon, and the Bringers of the Light’s remaining members.



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