This intelligent golem dwells at the estate of the Bringers of the Light.


Thorrstein is, at first glance, a fairly typical stone golem. He was created to look similar to Gunnar Ungaart, for whom he was made as a gift. He now posesses only one properly shaped arm, as the other is a crude replacement provided by Eileithyia upon their meeting. He stays in the armor room of Gunnar’s estate, and has been there for some time. A wealth of information, he aided with some clues about the disappearance of the Bringers of the Light.

Random Facts:

  • Thorrstein was created by Hyledd the Learned, friend of Gunnar as a birthday gift. He was created using the Foundations of Construct Creation, by Herdrick, Sorcerer of the Eleventh Circle. Gunnar found this ironic, meaning that most likely he and Herdrick did not get along.
  • A more intelligent than is usual construct, Thorrstein was given a great deal of dwarven knowledge, as well as a dwarven personality, in an effort to make Gunnar feel less homesick.

Seen in:

Adventure Log: Stone Friends

Story: Birthday



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