Rodas Zale

This former council member is now believed deceased by the world.


A member of the mage council, Rodas Zale was the liaison between the council and the mage guard. He headed up the investigative branch of the guard, and coordinated many of the detectives in Arconnesus, and Hellade as a whole.

Rodas was killed by an assassin in the marketplace. A virulent poisoned arrow ended his life, despite the presence of the mage guard around him.

Rodas was well liked by the elves, though he was known as something of a flirt. Still, he was said to be an honest and fair man, and had been respected by all who knew him.

Note: The above is the public account of Rodas’ death. It was determined that he was killed by an assassin with ties to the Abyss. She wore a mask over much of her face, and a dark cloak, although her red hair was clearly visible. The poison was determined to be Nadreyrr

New information has found that the assassin was in fact a member of the race of snake creatures known as the yuan ti, although it is unknown if they or The Violent Dark ordered the assassination.

Rodas has been reincarnated as a very attractive young human man. Although unable to regain his former identity, he was able to take some of his earthly goods with him, and has left Arconnesus. No clue is being given as to his future whereabouts, although both he and the mage council are very impressed, and grateful, to Eileithyia and the adventurers.

Rodas Zale

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