Narkissos Kaychimei

This arrestingly handsome, tattooed elf is clearly consorting with the abyss.


Though the characters do not know his name, Narkissos is the mysterious figure that the pc’s encountered in Elos, the swamp in the Great Forest. He has apparently figured out ways of magically crossbreeding creatures and plants with abyssal creatures. He also appears to have made some contact with creatures of the Abyss, making some sort of fiendish bargain with them.

Narkissos already held a grudge against Skyler, Sirius, and Lindal for something in the past, and the anger will no doubt be worse now that they’ve hurt his lover and creation, Azr’Kauai and forced him to flee to the Abyss.

Note: Discussion amongst the players has resulted in the belief that the events during the saving of the Chosen from the wicker goddess, presumably the death of the succubus tiefling Kyali, is the reason for his prior anger with them. It is supposed that Kyali was the mother (directly or indirectly) of Azr’Kauai.

Narkissos Kaychimei

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