Lindal Kinneas


Level 0 (DC 14)

Disrupt Undead

-Mage Hand


Detect Poison

Read Magic

Detect magic

-Arcane mark


-Open / Close

Know Direction

Electric Jolt (SC)

Sonic Snap (SC)

Silent Portal (SC)

Amanuensis (SC)

Level 1 (DC 15)

Vision of Heaven (BoED, Arcanist)

Mage Armor

Magic Missile

Light of Selene (Lunia in SC)

Ray of Flame (SC)

Orb of Electricity, Lesser (SC)

Orb of Sound, Lesser (SC)


Level 2 (DC 16)

Consecrate (Arcanist)

Flaming Sphere

Ray of Ice (SC 167)

Reflective Disguise (SC)

Light of Phoebus (Mercuria in SC132)

-Locate Object

Level 3 (DC 17)

Path of the Exalted (BoED, Sanctified Spell)

Searing Light (Arcanist)

Light of Arcadia (Venya in SC132)

-Lightning Bolt

Amorphous Form (SC)

-Dragonskin (SC)

Level 4 (DC 18)

Shadow Conjuration

Holy Smite (Arcanist)

Improved Invisibility

Orb of Force (SC151)

Remove Curse

Dimension Door

Burning Blood (SC 40)

Level 5 (DC 19)

Shadow Evocation

Heavenly Lightning (BoED, Arcanist)

Arc of Lightning (SC 15)

Vitriolic Sphere (SC 231-232)

Ball Lightning (SC 23)

Prismatic Ray


Level 6 (DC 20)

Aspect of the Deity (BoEd, Arcanist)

Bolt of Glory (BoED, Arcanist)

Probe Thoughts (SpC)

Imbue Familiar with Spell Ability (SpC)

Wages of Sin (BoEd)

Fires of Purity (SpC)

Level 7 (DC 21)

Righteous Smite (BoEd, Arcanist)

Brilliant Aura (SpC 39)



Featured in: Return to the Divine

Arcane Disciple CD 79 Choose a deity, and then select a domain available to clerics of that deity. You can learn to cast spells associated with that domain as arcane spells.

Nimbus of Light BoED 44

Purify (faster)

Consecrate (faster)

Spell Mastery (4): Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Lesser Orb of Sound

Lindal Kinneas

Halcyon, The Golden Age faytdancer