Idun Gildfrosten

Arconnesus Gem Shop Owner


This vivacious 85 year old has worked her way up to owning a prosperous gem shop in Arconnesus, the capital city in the elven lands of Hellade. A generously built dwarf with rich copper hair and beard, she is never seen without her vibrant jewel-toned dresses. Though usually styled in the draping delicacy of the elves, the dresses always seem to be opulent on Idun.

Idun believes in living life to the fullest. A small bit of adventuring and a major brush with death when she was younger have taught her that life needs to be lived, since any moment could be your last. She isn’t a major player in the politics of any given kingdom, but she always manages to have a finger on the pulse of gossip. Also, the surviving members of her party continued adventuring, so she often keeps up on their travels as well.

Idun Gildfrosten

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