Calvius the Sage

This good humored elf is a good friend of the party from Arconnesus.


In a town the size of Arconnesus, there are a number of apothecaries to be found. Considered by people to be the most knowledgeable in the city is Calvius Onesimos, who generally introduces himself as “Calvius the Sage”. While on some people this might be a sign of conceit, the self deprecating laugh he gives when he says it, along with the explanation that he simply enjoys the pun (“Get it? Sage!”), will usually cause this idea to dissipate.

An older elf with a great deal of knowledge behind his blue eyes, he is quite capable of talking about a number of subjects. One thing that is best not to bring up for discussion, however, is his utter lack of hair. Bald from a very young age, Calvius is very self conscious about it. The wise customer doesn’t mention or stare at his gleaming head.

When Lindal and Skyler were last in Arconnesus, they ended up wandering into “The Sage Apothecary”, Calvius’ shop. They managed to hit it off quite well with the talkative elf, finding out that he is actually distantly related to Content Not Found: enodia, a very young mage from Lagina that was safely escorted home by the group. This immediately endeared them to Calvius, who dotes on his great niece.

Chris and Emily both spent 2 points on Calvius, making him a four point contact.


Featured in:

Sage Advice

Calvius the Sage

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