Bodvar Wulfkind

This brawny, red haired man mentored Rurick at the Library of Zaoth


A stocky, red haired man with a large mustache and braided beard, Bodvar is covered in scars. It is obvious that he has been in many battles during his life, but more impressively, he has not been defeated. His thin mouth has a twist at the corner, a result of claw marks that run from his left cheek to his jaw. As a result, he seems to be perpetually smiling in anticipation.

Rurick and Bodvar got along very well, as Bodvar took a decidedly dwarven approach to life and battle which Rurick found very much to be admirable. The group later encountered Bodvar again in Zybalenna, on the Plane of Shadow.

Encountered in:

A Familiar Face in the Crowd


Bodvar Wulfkind

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