Halcyon, The Golden Age

Vierthrae speaks

Interrogation of the svartalfr


Discussion between

Llewelyn first two, Maeve second two; Lindal will meditate the whole time (4 hours)

Llewelyn tries to convince Vakil that he needs a new name

Detect Scrying (lasts 24 hours, sunrise)
Pull her out, tie her to a chair
Maeve casts zone of truth on the area

good day foul villainess
name: vierthrae
org: many names, you know us as the Violent Dark
what do you do: whatever is needed to further your aims?
currently what are you doing: I am dealing with a thorn in the side of our organization
do you have any backup around: I have no need of backup
that was not an answer to my question: you are correct
why would your group be interested in bringing about Ragnarokr: your world is not as we would wish it. it will not be the first time we have brought about change
so your group is the one that caused a flood that we believe was the previous apocalypse of this world: I would not that was before my time
when Lindal encountered you before, you had other people with you. where are they?: I don’t their whereabouts right now
are they on their way: I wouldn’t know, but it’s possible
when I encountered them they had just put down the hound Garmr; how does your group expect to move forward from here: we have plenty of time, we will be triumphant (Maeve: notices a flash of uncertainty)
where can we find your bosses: we are the leaders of churches, guards, and kingdoms. we are everywhere you look, and everywhere you don’t
where do they meet?: we are where the shadows are deepest
who do you report to?: I will not have to report to Xunan’na; she already knows of you
Is Xunan’na the leader of the svartalfr: [laughs] not of all of the svartalfr
where is Xunan’na located: where Hel’s power is strongest

“This is getting us nowhere!” (
Then let’s be done with this, summons his axe
This is my prisoner 31 Ll gets hit by Vakil
the chair goes flying, partially breaking, and the ropes come free
V and Ll continue to have minor “altercation” over treatment of prisoner

“Lindal” it was nice to see you again
bows; and takes a step back into the shadows, where she disappears

Notes for future:
*Discern Location on Vierthrae (after scrying)
*Refuge for each new plane (one per day; 1500 gp each)
*Probably going to Plane of Shadow
*Eventually go to Mimir’s Well?



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