Halcyon, The Golden Age

Travelling Companions

An old man and a wild gnome join the group in their travel.

As far as Azaluen knew, Archoutas would return in the next fortnight.

At the Nightfall Chasm, the group encountered an incredibly old man asleep at a table. They discuss beards in ale, and he offers to buy them some. After admitting that he was looking for Archoutas, to get information, he introduced himself as Arwyr Stronghand. He had further information that Archoutas would be in Arconnesus. Rurick fairly quickly took to Arwyr, who reminded him of his weapons master.

When asked where he’d been before, Arwyr only responded with a vague “somewhere else”, and that he was sent to the shadow plane by someone important. Rurick quickly opened up to Arwyr, leading Lindal to pour beer on Rurick when he was talking.

While travelling in the wilds of the shadow realm, they encountered a wary and wild gnome with a maned wolf companion. Nahuatl and her wolf had been investigating, and ended up being transferred to the Plane of Shadows.



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