Halcyon, The Golden Age


Diogenes yelled racial slurs at the yuan ti from the corner.

“What is your nefarious plan?”
-We will rule after the end, the way that we did before.
“Before what?”
-The end. (Conjecture: many apocalypses have/will occur)
“Is Jormungandr on this plane?”
-He is here, and he waits.
“Waits for what?”
-To rise above the waves and shake the earth
“Who is the girl?”
-The girl is an ally.
“Who’s in charge here?
“Is Ssaadet in the room right now?”
“How much deeper does this lair go?”
-no deeper
“How many more chambers will we have to proceed through before we reach the one where your bosses are?”
-2 or 7
“How many other yuan ti remain?”

“What is on the other side of THAT door.” and points to discovered door
-crits on save
“Where do you keep the captives here?”
“Why are you capturing spellcasters?”
-we are removing obstacles
“obstacles to what?”
-our plan
“How do the silver haired Chosen fit in?”
-I don’t know what you’re talking about
“How do your move your captives out of the city?”
“How are you able to use the shadows to travel?”
-Not all of us can, only some with proper ties and training.
“What do you know of the city of Brimir?”
-I don’t know of the city of Brimir
“Are you being helped by someone in the aristocracy or the mage guard?”
“Are the yuan ti working together with the Violent Dark?”
-we use them as we like

-no, they lack finesse and planning
“what do you do with your captives after you remove them from the city?”
-we do nothing, we care not their final fates
“Was the assassin Iolanthe (description) working on behalf of the Violent Dark or your people?”
-Iolanthe was given the order by the Violent Dark
“We know pureblood and abomination. Tell us about the third kind.”
“How does she (the elf) aid you?”
-she is a mage
“How long have the yuan ti been established in Arconnesus?”
-Since before it was Arconnesus
“How will you release Jormungandr?”
-We will open the stone and light his way
“How do you open the stone?”

“Where is the stone?”
-In pieces
“How many pieces are there?”
-As many as there are pieces of the dead god of our enemies.
(talk of Set and Osiris)
“How are you able to track the pieces of the stone?”
-they have omens that surround them
“Does the ability to use magic allow people to track the omens?”
-not on its own, they must have knowledge as well
“Is the elf someone who tracks the stones?
“How many pieces of the stone have the yuan ti found?”
-I don’t know



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