Halcyon, The Golden Age

Preparation for Travel

The group readies themselves for travel to Spira

Heraios 10th

The interrogation of Philomena continues in the questioning room of the mage guard.

Why was Canace’s house chosen for your assignment?
-It is a place where there is a lot of information passing through.
When you speak of the site of the rising water … in what current race’s lands do you mean?
-saves, no answer
How is it that Inyotef is alive?
-He works for a dark god.
Why would Set want to wake Jormungandr?
-No answer, saves
The followers of which other deities are trying to bring about the rise of Jormungandr?
-I know only of Set and the dark goddess.

After the questioning is concluded, the group returned to the house of Dinindal to decide what to do next. In addition to investing in gaining the ability to see false forms (True Seeing), they also intended to find out who hired Philomena, and perhaps figure out if anyone else knew that she was a yuan ti plant.

They would then head up to Spira to see if Lindal’s mother knew any information, now that the dark goddess had been referenced. Also a priority were Hvergilmir and Trondheim, in the dwarven lands, where the group will ask about:



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