Halcyon, The Golden Age

New Enemies?

New troubles are encountered on the way to the market

Rurick, Gunnar, and Eileithyia:

Upon searching the bodies of the fallen attackers, they found a number of items. Among them, they found that each of them carried a strange symbol on them. The dark elf had a tattoo of it on his arm, barely discernible against the darkness of his skin. The khayal woman wore it on a pendant around her neck. None among the group had seen the symbol before, and they were quite curious about its origins.

[[:Silious Rowe]]

Lindal, Merdor, and Skyler at the library:

The librarian the group found on duty was not the same one as the day before. This one, a woman, had dusky, indigo skin, with pointy ears and a graceful build. Her form seemed familiar, and eventually they realized that she was a member of the Brekyirihunuade, the race of knowledge keepers who kept watch on the Library Plane of Zaoth. After “Escalus” explains that the friends had been there the day before and spoken to another librarian, they discuss the information gathered.

*Colder temperature: There are reports that the temperature dropped once before, before the plane “blinked”. Some of the plane’s inhabitants, often regarded as crazy, believe that the plane is somehow different from how it was before the flicker.

They also discover some information about dark elves:

The society of the dark elf is matriarchal, with the women holding a great deal more power than men of equal class. In addition to the gender bias, there is a very strong, very strict class system in place, with the gap in rights and power between the levels very glaring.

The dark elves revere and worship the Children of Loki, with a strong emphasis on worship of the goddess Hel. As a result of this reverence, the dark elves have a good relationship with the Yuan-ti, a result of their resemblance to the son of Loki, Jormungandr. Also, the society as a whole feels rather disdainful of those who use physical weaponry to kill. While a standing army, mostly male, does exist due to the base practicality of the svartalfr, they look down on them, preferring to use magic, with no strong arcane or divine preference.

Ask Content Not Found: Felyindirra about portals from Svartalfaheimr to the Material Plane



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