Halcyon, The Golden Age

Investigation in Arconnesus

Information is gathered in the elven capital.

Heraios 9th, morning

Although he was concerned about whether or not visting with Arminas Culnamowould be awkward now that they were no longer together, Lindal went to her to get an update on what she’d discovered.
He also intended to pose some new areas of research for her:
*What information was available about the origin of elves, and why did they leave the water?
*More investigation was needed into the culture and history of the yuan ti, the shadar kai, and the khayal.
*Age of Ebon needed to be looked into further.
*planar touchstones

At the library, Lindal was greeted by Isokrates, a newer librarian. Upon questioning, he told Lindal that Arminas was among a stack of books in the history section. Lindal made his way over, and after a bit of small talk about his recent journey to the shadow plane, Arminas gives him the information she has so far uncovered.

Brimir, alternately referred to as the Eleventh City, City of Three Dragons, the World’s Birthplace, and The First Place, was said to have a twin city, perhaps on the plane of shadow.
There, the dragons were said to have taught the people of the Three Tenets of Life: defense, aggression, and magic. She was unable to find very much depth in her books about the actual philosophy of the city, or of the dragons, although she agreed at Lindal’s prompting to look into similar beliefs, and those of trinities.

The Twin City was said to be from the plane of shadow, populated by svartalfr.

Lindal made a note to himself to look into the city of the svartalfr with the thought that it might be an alternate way of going to Brimir.

As for planar touchstones, it appeared that these could be both place and things. Although not easy to locate, the most common signs were disasters or destruction in the areas they were located.

A sending was made to Zarlee about the location of Tartarus

Meanwhile, on the docks:
Rurick’s cover was to claim his name was Thorrstein, and that he’d worked with Camlin before.

Upon asking a worker on the docks for the leader of the ship, Rurick was directed to an older, dark haired elf named Xenos. Busy directing, he barely looked at Rurick when asked about Camlin. Xenos described him as a blonde,rather hulking human, who was apparently a decent worker. His friend, Andreus, talked too much, according to Xenos. Impatiently, Xenos told them to go to the Thirsty Siren, a tavern near the docks that the two tended to frequent.



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