Halcyon, The Golden Age

Interrogation Continued

The interrogation of the seemingly elven girl Philomena continues

Heraois 10th

The group continued to question Philomena

Tell us what you know about the appearance of the stones.
-I don’t know much, although I’ve heard they have writing on them.

What kind of writing did you hear that the stones have on them?
-The ancient script of our enemies.
Which enemy are you talking about?
The dwarves.
Where were the previous stones found?
Why does your sect of yuan ti consider the group from Areopagus betrayers?
-They were swayed by their desires for war.
Where is the next closest den of yuan ti?
What are the distinguishing characteristics of Ghiz’kith?
How do you get into the city of Brimir?
When does Archoutas arrive?
-I don’t deal with the business side.
Who deals with the business end of the slave trade?
-I don’t know, that isn’t the information network I’m part of.

What are the aliases of other yuan ti who are disguised in the city?
-I’m not part of that circle, I only know my superior, and they each know theirs.
Who was your superior?
Where is your Asstarot?
-He cycles within Arconnesus, and alerts us where meeting places will be.
What does Asstarot look like?
What was your assignment?
-I was a servant at the house of Canace Ioannou



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