Halcyon, The Golden Age

Interrogating the Elven Girl

A truth potion gives some interesting answers.

Philomena is the girl’s name.

State your full name for the record.
Where were you born?
-Here in Arconnesus
At what point did you become involved with the yuan ti?
-no answer
What was your role while working with the yuan ti?
-I gain information for them
By that, did you mean you were a spy?
-no answer
What kind of information did you obtain for the yuan ti?
-I got the information that they couldn’t get.
What are the latest repercussions from the information that you obtained?
-We learned who had captured one of our assassins.
Why are you working for the yuan ti?
-I’m not working for them, I’m working with them.
Who was Ssaadet’s superior in the yuan ti structure?
-The high priest who channels the Ouroboros.
Where is the high priest who channels the Ouroboros?
-At the site of the rising water, where the stones will unite.

Doesn’t know a geographic place, but there are specific signs of the rise of Jormungandr. The one most specifically for him is that of crashing waves.
-Don’t forget, the group would like to check for signs of waves on the map.

Why are the yuan ti taking the magic users?
-No answer
Why are you working with the yuan ti?
-I am of the yuan ti.
How is it that you are of the yuan ti?
-I was born to them.
Conjecture: Polymorph other or self, maybe permanent
So essentially, you are changing your appearance from yuan ti to be more humanoid, and going to Arconnesus to get more information for your superiors?
Why the silver hair?
-People trust us, they think we are good.
Conjecture: The girl was probably born a pureblood, and chose to polymorph and potentially sacrifice any higher rank.
What happens to the magic users that you capture?
-We send them where they cannot harm us, and we can profit from them.
What knowledge do you need to track the stones?
-No answer
Who do you know that can track the stones?
-Those trained by the high priest.
What is the name of the high priest?



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