Halcyon, The Golden Age

Friends of Thy Enemy

Brutal attacks nearly kill the group, but they arise triumphant.

Heraois 7th, midday

Rurick and Merdor decided to go across town to visit with Silious’ mother, Erianthe. They were on a relatively quiet street when arrows rained down on them, striking them both. Looking in the direction the arrows came from, Merdor was quick to see an archer on the neighboring roof, forty feet up. After he pointed it out to Rurick, Merdor attempted to throw a grappling hook to the roof above, but was able to make it only partway up. Rurick, growing impatient with Merdor’s lack of progress, picked him up at the base of his feet, and after bracing him, tossed him upwards with all of his might. Rurick’s effort tossed Merdor easily to the roof above, where he landed flawlessly on his feet next to the ominously hooded archer.

Putting their plan into effect, Lindal, Diogenes, and Syurai stood guard over Eileithyia, disguised as the yuan ti girl in the room at Dinindal’s house. Not long after Rurick and Merdor left, a fireball erupted into the room, dealing damage to everyone, although Syurai and Lindal were able to dodge much of the damage. A snakelike creatures entered the room on the heels of the fireball. Eileithyia cast a spell calling a great pillar of divine flame to hit her enemy, and managed to damage quite badly the serpent tailed woman closest to her. Diogenes sunk an arrow between the serpent’s ribs, causing her to hiss in pain and flick her tail at him, distracting his next shot and causing him to hit Syurai, who crouched low to the ground in pain. Blinded by her pain, the large snake-like woman attempted to swing her scimitar, and not only missed, but dropped her weapon as well. Lindal attempted to deal her a magical blow, but was stopped in his tracks when she bit him, causing him to feel temporarily weak. Still, fighting through the pain, he managed to damage her.

Back on a downtown rooftop, the hooded figure slipped an arrow between Merdor’s ribs, causing him a great deal of pain and damage. Thrown off by the action occurring, his next few shots went wide. Merdor, using his pain to give him strength, rushed at the archer, head down and shoulders braced. Pushing him several paces back, he threw him from the roof, narrowly managing to not follow him down. Rurick ran for the fallen enemy, striking him.

Eileithyia channeled the power of nature, turning into a monstrous snake. Her snapping fangs missed the nearby enemies. Diogenes moved, hitting the snake woman. Dodging Eileithyia’s attempts to bite, the woman struck at Eileithyia with her scimitar. Her blow had barely landed when she hissed, angered by the flames of a sphere sent at her by Lindal.

Astonishingly, the hooded figure, now revealed to be partly snake, stood up after falling several stories from above. Moving quickly on his serpentine tail, he nimbly avoided an attack from Rurick, and retaliated with a fierce blow to Rurick. Merdor took a quick potion to heal the worst of his wounds. Rurick tried to hit the serpent man, but was unable to land a hit.

Eileithyia, still in constrictor form, missed a bite at the woman next to her. Diogenes hit the snake woman with several hits, damaging her greatly. The woman moved and bit Diogenes. Lindal moved his flames, then cast a spell to give him strength and divine luck.

The serpent man dealt several blows to Merdor. Merdor attempted to hit back, but was unable to land a hit. Rurick hit the serpent incredibly hard in the ribs, following it up with a strike to the center of his chest. When pulling his weapon from the man, he slipped and dropped it.

Eileithyia bit the serpent woman, who passed out from the pain. The group then tied her up, and pricked her with the sleep arrow to ensure she remained out. The plan was then to search the body, and remove Iolanthe’s body from the haversack.

The snake hit Rurick with several blows in quick succession. Merdor somersaulted off the roof, landed on his feet with only a minimum of damage. Rurick picked up his weapon, and dealt a blow to the throat of the man, killing him almost instantly. His axe was still embedded in the body when several members fo the mage guard ran up to investigate.



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