Halcyon, The Golden Age

The Final Mummiform gods

A swarm of mummies attack!

Lindal lies on the floor, bleeding profusely. A worried Diogenes takes a cautious step towards him and cures him as best he can. Rurick moves behind a mummy, and watching him carefully, attacks him with his urgrosh. The mummy recovers quickly from the wound, and clumsily attacks Rurick, missing him. Several of the other mummies attack Rurick and Diogenes, receiving only wounds for their trouble.

Lindal lays there for a moment, recovering from his near death. Diogenes repeatedly hits one of the mummies with his flame wreathed longsword, defeating it. Rurick finishes off the mummy that he’d been fighting with, and uses his momentum to attack another nearby mummy. Lindal, over his momentary disorientation, gets up and reactivates the powerful holy light that formerly surrounded him, causing several mummies to flinch in pain. The mummies miss their targets in their mad shuffle.

Lindal’s divine light continues to damage the nearby mummies, and the wizard also summons a powerful ball of lightning which crisps up one of the mummies. Diogenes swings his magical sword again, decapitate a nearby mummy in a series of blows. Rurick pauses, waiting for a strategic advantage, which he receives when several mummies move in to attack. After one of the mummies deals such a strong hit on Lindal that he is knocked unconscious, Rurick attacks and kills the mummy attacking the mage, and then attacks another on several backswings.

Lindal lays wounded on the ground, and Diogenes again takes a step to heal his friend with a wand of healing. Rurick wades into a group of mummies, and kills one mummy and injures another. His ability to pay attention in battle standing him in good stead, Rurick takes a swing at an unwary mummy, though he is hit once in return.

Lindal heals himself further, and Diogenes slashes at another mummy. Rurick becomes a whirl of axe and spear blade, killing three mummies in quick succession, then stepping between two others. Diogenes takes advantage of a mummy’s movement to hit him, while he and Rurick take damage in return.

Lindal continues to bolster himself with healing, while Diogenes deals several quick blows on a mummy, killing it, before stepping slightly to hit another. Rurick dispatches another mummy, though he is clearly tiring. Several mummies move in closer, one landing a hit on Rurick.

Lindal again heals himself, and Diogenes quickly kills the mummy he is engaged with, moving on to hurt another. Rurick deals the final hit to the mummy that Diogenes had just attacked, whirls to hit another, and then yet another upon killing the first two. The remaining mummy tries to recover, but misses Rurick.

Rurick deals the final necessary hits to the last mummy, ending the battle.



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