Halcyon, The Golden Age

A Familiar Face in the Crowd

Rurick sees an old friend in the Market

Bucatios 14th, midday

Upon completion of his spell, Lindal gained the following knowledge: “When roosters cry and trees shake, the wolf and snake will writhe and fight. As the cold comes, the falcons and the half-night goddess shall gather their warriors. Then will be the twilight, and the war.”

The group came to the following conlusions: The cold refers to Fimbulvintr, the three successive winters without break that precede Ragnarokr. The wolf is Fenrir, the snake is Jormungandr, and the half-night goddess is perhaps Hel, who is portrayed as black on one side. The Children of Loki are major factors in the end times.

The group decided to head to the marketplace to talk to Azaluen about the Violent Dark merchant. Along the way, Rurick noticed a seemingly familiar face. Rurick saw a red headed man with a bushy mustache and a braided beard, a clawmark running down his face. Quickly excusing himself, Rurick chased the man, changing his appearance to his natural one. After a quick discussion amongst the group, a concerned Merdor turned invisible and followed him.

Rurick discovered that the man was, in fact, Bodvar Wulfkind, the man who mentored him at the library of Zaoth. Bodvar had been looking for him to warn him that someone seems to be looking for him. A male dwarf came to the library, looking for an Ungaart. He claimed that his name was Loptr Asvaldr, he wore a great deal of red, and has disguised himself in several ways. The last time Bodvar saw him, here in the Plane of Shadow, he had been disguised as a duergar. Bodvar doesn’t know anything about Nadreyrr, but agreed to try to find some information. He made plans to meet the party later at the Nightfall Chasm, where Rurick would buy a round of drinks for everyone.

  • Dave used an action point to make the necessary Memory Check to figure out who Bodvar was.*



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